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Beautiful Questions: “How Humans Learn” and the Future of Education - Los Angeles Review of Books
"How Humans Learn The Science and Stories Behind Effective College Teaching By Joshua R. Eyler Published 10.24.2018 West Virginia University Press 312 Pages"
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19 days ago by tsuomela
Political Analysis: Machine Learning special issue
From the introduction (Skyler Cranmer): "When I was a graduate student learning statistical methods for the first time, my first year professors routinely cautioned the students that they must always have a hypothesis prior to analyzing data and than “data mining” was a fruitless and misguided enterprise in the social sciences. While it seems this attitude is common in introductory graduate political science education, many years later I have now come to see it as almost entirely wrong."

The "Comically Brief History of Machine Learning" section of the introduction is also worth it.

Unrelated -- note at the bottom of the Web page: "The editorial staff of Political Analysis noticed that these contributions are from all male author teams. Given recent conference activity, including the 2018 Society for Political Methodology Annual Summer Meeting, we expect to receive and hopefully publish machine learning contributions from women authors in the near future."
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january 2019 by phnk

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