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The Art of Losing Friends and Alienating People
For all the real and perceived cancer that social media has brought on us (as illustrated by prof Galloway) Lippmann points out the benefits of staying connected on social.
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6 hours ago by christopherming
The Mavening of Sportswriting
Media conglomerates will focus on the bottom line. This leads to the meeting of publications that people want to cherished because of their excellent writing and perspective. As those forms of content lose their what made them attractive in a person place people will go elsewhere people.

And other creatures will start creating on other platforms whether it’s back to their own blogs or on Micro publications like Snapchat or Instagram. And then those ad dollars will die on the conglomerates and the whole cycle will start again.

It is sad. It is inevitable. Marketers ruin everything.
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9 hours ago by christopherming
Why it feels like everything is going haywire
Madison’s design has proved durable. But what would happen to American democracy if, one day in the early 21st century, a technology appeared that—over the course of a decade—changed several fundamental parameters of social and political life? What if this technology greatly increased the amount of “mutual animosity” and the speed at which outrage spread? Might we witness the political equivalent of buildings collapsing, birds falling from the sky, and the Earth moving closer to the sun?

America may be going through such a time right now.
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4 days ago by historyshack
The Early History of Usenet, Part I: The Technological Setting
Usenet — Netnews — was conceived almost exactly 40 years ago this month. To understand where it came from and why certain decisions were made the way they were, it's important to understand the technological constraints of the time.
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4 days ago by jchris
Lapidation and Apology by Cass R. Sunstein :: SSRN
"Groups of people, outraged by some real or imagined transgression, often respond in a way that is wildly disproportionate to the occasion, thus ruining the transgressor’s day, month, year, or life. To capture that phenomenon, we might repurpose an old word: lapidation. Technically, the word is a synonym for stoning, but it sounds much less violent. It is also obscure, which makes it easier to enlist for contemporary purposes. Lapidation plays a role in affirming, and helping to constitute, tribal identity. It typically occurs when a transgressor is taken to have violated a taboo, which helps account for the different people and events that trigger left-of-center and right-of-center lapidation. One of the problems with lapidation is that it often accomplishes little; it expresses outrage, and allows people to signal their identity, but does no more. Victims of lapidation might be tempted to apologize, but apologies can prove ineffective or even make things worse, depending on the nature of the lapidators. "
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5 days ago by tsuomela
On Digital Minimalism, Loneliness and the Joys of True Connection - Study Hacks - Cal Newport
To fill every moment of solitude with a droning hum of twitter timelines and pull-to-refresh swipes reduces the nobility of our social nature. To instead face that moment of aloneness, like our essay writer in the food hall, uncomfortable and self-aware, but then later contrast that to sitting down with someone you care about, and actually, truly talking, is to taste life fully.
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13 days ago by lwhlihu

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