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RT : of all places, and would be places to look for successful resistance to . Why such a…
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december 2017 by hwileniu
Behind The Indian Boom, Brunei Gallery Exhibition, SOAS University of London
Behind The Indian Boom: Inequality and Resistance at the heart of economic growth
SOAS  Brunei  Gallery  London  India  Economy  Global  South 
october 2017 by sanjaymistry
Found at today in the halls. Complete with quotes from brilliant .Got taken down quickly
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october 2016 by jennifermjones
The case for Industrial Policy | From Poverty to Power
Industrial Policy meets Doing Development Differently. Today's @fp2p on debate btw Ha-Joon Chang & Mushtaq Khan
industry  africa  Bangladesh  korea  history  politics  policy  governance  india  soas  iep 
march 2016 by Rob_Grant
Book Launch: A Perfect Crime by A Yi
RT : Book launch>Weds, 13 May at 2pm>A Perfect Crime by A Yi 阿乙> Rm G51>All welcome>
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may 2015 by bokane

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