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Something about fresh snow is still irresistible, even after this long winter...
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14 days ago by eyeGillian
Video of snowboarder chased by bear was part of viral video ‘social experiment’ - National |
The Woolshed Company has claimed it was behind several highly-debated viral hits — including the snowboarder being chased by a bear, a shark caught on camera by a swimmer in Sydney Harbour and another supposedly showing a lightning bolt striking just metres from a woman on a beach.
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20 days ago by paulbradshaw
Swaledale back in the firm grip of winter.
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6 weeks ago by datz53
Wikipedia - Cat's eye (road)
white cat's eyes, red cat's eyes, amber cat's eyes, green cat's eyes, blue cat's eyes

"Solar-powered cat's eyes known as solar road studs and showing a red or amber LED to traffic...."
Wikipedia  cat  eye  PercyShaw  reflective  road  car  safety  light  highway  WWII  fog  snow  1934  UK 
6 weeks ago by cosmic

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