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snippet generator
Snippet generator for Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text and Atom. Enjoy :-)
generator  atom  code  boilerplate  vscode  coding  convert  snippet  snippets  sublime 
10 days ago by speckz
2019 Pro's Guide to Understanding & Using Structured Data for Rich Search Results ·

Make your site A.I. friendly & increase your click through rates! 2019 Pro’s Guide to Understanding & Using Structured Data for Rich Search
structured  data  rich  snippets 
11 days ago by hlennard
an open source pastebin with runnable snippets and API.
open-source  code-runner  snippets 
22 days ago by jalilhweber
The Vanilla JS Toolkit
A collection of JavaScript methods, helper functions, plugins, boilerplates, polyfills, and learning resources.

Vanilla JS is a term for coding with native JavaScript features and browser APIs instead of frameworks and libraries.
snippets  javascript  reference  blog  vanillajs 
22 days ago by cyberchucktx
Code snippet organizer for pros | Cacher
Cacher is the code snippet organizer for professional developers.
snippets  dev 
5 weeks ago by dylansm

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