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11 Best Snapseed Filters, Settings, and Tips
Spice up your drab-looking shots with these nifty Snapseed settings and tips! Also try out some cool filters.
android  apps  photography  editing  snapseed 
september 2018 by kger
Now I have a workflow on iOS I like using - here is the first of some…
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november 2017 by Creativebloke
Resistance to The Todd is futile. Taken using app. Edited with .
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june 2017 by bighowdy
A Guide to Google's Snapseed Photo-Editing App
Chances are, you won’t really be satisfied with whatever outrun you shoot with your smartphone. You usually always edit your photos before posting them on Instagram or Facebook. Whilst filters are great and convenient, editing and adjusting the basic properties of the photos might offer you a more custom look. One of the best apps...

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A  Guide  to  Google’s  Snapseed  Photo-Editing  App 
november 2016 by vrzone
Editing Photos on an iPhone, a Step-by-Step Walkthrough
There’s something special and so satisfying about shooting, editing, and publishing photos all on one device. The following is an example of taking a photo through the editing process.
photography  apple  camera  iphone  tutorial  snapseed  editing 
august 2016 by timstahmer

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