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Climate Feedback
site that debunks/approves climate-related news articles
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12 weeks ago by MsHsi
Negative Ion Clothing
the negative charges purify blood, regulate pH, and improve circulation!
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september 2018 by MsHsi
Calling Bullshit
a whole course (Univ. of Washington at Seattle) devoted to skepticism. How to identify and call out things that aren't true. Syllabus and video lectures online.
july 2018 by MsHsi
KT tape: How does kinesiology tape work? — Quartzy
But  no one really paid attention to the tape until the 2008 Olympics when Kinesio shipped over 50,000 free rolls of the stuff to 58 participating countries, according to Pacific Standard. Some of the tape wound up on the right shoulder of US volleyball player Kerri Walsh. Despite still recovering from rotator-cuff surgery, Walsh won the gold that year with her partner Misty May-Treanor, and her signature look inspired thousands of physical therapists and sports-medicine specialists to suggest the tape for their patients.
marketing  business  snakeoil  placebos 
april 2018 by po

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