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Low Carb Canada Official Site for Diabetic Friendly Food Online
Many good low carb, sugar free items.
Baked goods, baking mixes, pasta & noodles, condiments, bars, snacks, sweets etc.
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6 weeks ago by tylerham
thick, chewy granola bars – smitten kitchen
think I've made these before July 2019, but not certain.
Consider just doubling the recipe for 13x9 pan.
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6 weeks ago by amkelly
Pomegranate Flavored Pistachios Glazed Mix | Sahale Snacks®
Pistachios, Almonds, Dried Apples (Unsulfured Apples, Sugar, Natural Pomegranate Flavor, Citric Acid, Fruit And Vegetable Juice [For Color]), Organic Cane Sugar, Dried Cherries (Cherries, Sugar, Sugar, Sunflower Oil), Organic Tapioca Syrup, Brown Sugar, Sea Salt, Pomegranate Juice Concentrate, Dried Lemon Peel, Spices, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Natural Flavor.
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11 weeks ago by tamouse
Safe Snack Guide |
(This looks like it could be promising.)
“Huge interactive list of allergy-friendly products used by thousands of schools nationwide to help keep allergens out of the classroom and the home.”
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12 weeks ago by handcoding
15 Delicious Nut-Free Snacks That You Can Pack Into School Lunches!
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may 2019 by krishnau

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