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Psilocybin 'Magic Mushrooms' Can Help People Quit Smoking - The Atlantic
12 out of 15 quit smoking after 1-2 psilocybin trips (the typical success rate is 35%)

"depression and addiction both involve a narrowing of vision—a tunnel that it takes a profound experience to suck someone out of. Psilocybin, he says, can foster something called cross-talk between regions of the brain that don’t normally communicate. Cross-talk, in turn, is associated with novel ways of looking at problems."

When tripping, people are “dealing with stuff they haven’t dealt with in years or decades”

"Johnson cautions that his study doesn’t mean people should take mushrooms on their own to cure various ailments, or at all. His intervention was tightly controlled and guided. Mushrooms and other hallucinogens carry the risk of “behavioral toxicity”—the scientific term for trying dangerous feats while high.

Besides, he says, people don’t necessarily need to take hallucinogens to break free of their destructive brain patterns. It can happen with any mystical life experience—the kind that changes everything that comes afterward. Living in a foreign country, giving birth to a child, and even falling in love can all approach the brain-rearranging power of psychedelics, at least for some people."
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