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morning bread pudding with salted caramel – smitten kitchen
me twelve years ago. I’ve been blogging here for almost eight years, which mea
smittenKitchen  breakfast  brunch  breadpudding 
26 days ago by guyl
layered mocha cheesecake – smitten kitchen
9.15.18 Put wafers in freezer for at least 15 min. Put cheesecake in freezer for at least an hour to cool.

Should reduce sugar pretty heavily in cheesecake part.
cheesecake  smittenkitchen 
september 2018 by lostinabook
perfect blueberry muffins – smitten kitchen
maybe these would have been better with the blueberries (and surely the sugar on top), but, uh, I didn't feel like buying blueberries and made chocolate chip muffins instead. But I think the blueberries probably added some needed moisture...something to try a later time bc this recipe is MAD easy
muffins  recipes  smittenkitchen 
march 2018 by prettyasadiagram
stuck-pot rice with lentils and yogurt – smitten kitchen
I'm relatively intrigued and also it seems like I have all the ingredients (well, subbing in red lentils but whatever)

made: ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh not impressed, but not much of a crust formed and I imagine that makes all the difference
recipes  vegetarian  rice  lentils  smittenkitchen 
february 2018 by prettyasadiagram

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