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New funding for & to support new models of business deadline 24th April
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5 weeks ago by freerange_inc
On the contingent value of IT-based capabilities for the competitive advantage of SMEs: Mechanisms and empirical evidence - ScienceDirect
This article assesses the value of the capabilities developed through the use of Information Technology (IT) in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), by analysing whether these capabilities are a determinant of the intra-industry differential in their performance. Our work makes two principal contributions to the understanding of the value of IT. Differentiates internal IT from external IT capabilities.
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november 2018 by jeromekatz
Future Cities Catapult is seeking to collaborate in the next round of applications of the Fast Track…
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july 2018 by freerange_inc
Industry 4.0 can be confusing for many . The High Value Catapult is working on a project to Ope…
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april 2018 by freerange_inc
RT : Multidisciplinary and international student teams analysed real-life marketing business cases for local
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march 2018 by ormg
A new boss for McKinsey - Firm direction
Mar 1st 2018

On February 25th the result of a long election process was made public. Kevin Sneader, the Scottish chairman of McKinsey’s Asia unit, will replace Dominic Barton as managing partner—the top job. He inherits a thriving business. The firm remains by far the biggest of the premium consultancies (see table). Over the past decade, annual revenues have doubled to $10bn; so too has the size of the partnership, to more than 2,000......Mr Barton claims that half of what it does today falls within capabilities that did not exist five years ago. It is working to ensure that customers turn to McKinseyites for help with all things digital. It has had to make acquisitions in some areas: recent purchases include QuantumBlack, an advanced-analytics firm in London, and LUNAR, a Silicon-Valley design company. It is increasingly recruiting outside the usual business schools to bring in seasoned data scientists and software developers.....McKinsey has kept plenty of older ones as clients, such as Hewlett Packard, but it has a lot more to do to crack new tech giants and unicorns (private startups worth more than $1bn). ....McKinsey’s response is to try to gain a foothold earlier on in tech firms’ life-cycles. It is targeting medium-sized companies, which would not have been able to afford its fees, by offering shorter projects with smaller “startup-sized” teams
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march 2018 by jerryking
RT : High quality low cost printing. Animated marketing plans from as little as £25 for local !
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february 2018 by ormg
A new user-friendly contract aims to make up to £12bn of public sector work more accessible to . Thanks to…
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january 2018 by mattedgar
We asked the 10 biggest names in manufacturing what challenges will face in the .…
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december 2017 by freerange_inc
RT : : Research from the FSB indicates shopping in leads to local reinvestment: -
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november 2017 by ormg
Great meeting with positive future outcomes for citizens, local authorities and , and UK tech compan…
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october 2017 by Markbraggins
Meet Alexandra Ampofo, London's live music champion | BLAVITY
It’s fair to say that most 21-year-olds graduating from university today are not graduating as the leaders of businesses that have been running for three years. Yet, Alexandra Ampofo describes feeling "really old because I have a habit of comparing myself to people my age and what they’ve achieved." Having graduated with a business degree just weeks ago, Alexandra has a thriving business and is a leading light in the UK live music scene. In this interview she shares with me her journey so far and her ambitions as an entrepreneur and a creative.
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october 2017 by dk33per

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