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4 Engagement Models for Customer Success | ClientSuccess
Simple and useful review: #Designing your #customer #success model, high-touch, low-touch for #onboarding training adoption growth service
customer  success  organization  engagement  model  onboarding  training  installation  manager  account  size  profit  enterprise  smb  small  business 
14 days ago by csrollyson
Configuring Kerberos for IP Address | Microsoft Docs
So SMB using IP's downgrades to NTLM, but if you set up W10/2016 with this, can use IP SPN's and kerberos to halt some of the pass-the-hash stuff. Unfortunately the IP SPN's don't autoupdate so you're boned in a DHCP environment...
security  kerberos  windows  10  2016  SMB  SPN  IP  address  NTLM 
23 days ago by asteroza
Amazon - Press Room - RSS Content
More than 1.9 million small and medium-sized businesses, content creators, and developers in the U.S. are currently working with Amazon via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  amazon  amazon:  finserv  audience:  smb 
7 weeks ago by scottpierce
Google Posts: A Free and Ideal Way for a to Leverage

GooglePosts  SmallBiz  LocalSEO  SMB  from twitter
7 weeks ago by jhill5
Report: Education of Marketers a Glaring Hole in Vendor Approaches

SMB  from twitter
8 weeks ago by pamneely

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