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Matrix PowerWatch: never needs charging
MATRIX PowerWatch 2 runs on both thermoelectric and solar-cell technology. Body heat and sunlight keep it powered.

Includes bluetooth, gps, and heart monitor.
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7 days ago by cyberchucktx
Huawei Watch GT review: When hardware and software don’t mesh • Ars Technica
Valentina Palladino:
<p>The Watch GT has numerous activity- and sleep-tracking sensors inside, including an accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer, optical heart-rate monitor, and built-in GPS.

What it doesn't have are NFC technology for contactless payments or onboard storage for saving music. Both would have complemented the onboard GPS by allowing users to go for a run without their wallets or phones. The Watch GT also doesn't support Wi-Fi on its own, meaning it won't receive alerts when your smartphone is out of Bluetooth range. This is a feature we take for granted now on high-end smartwatches like Apple Watches and Wear OS devices, making it noticeably and confusingly absent on the Watch GT.

But Huawei equipped the Watch GT with a battery that's designed to last a whopping two weeks on a single charge, with heart-rate monitoring turned on. With GPS turned on as well, you should get up to 22 hours of battery life. Huawei goes so far as to say that you could get 30 days of life when you turn heart-rate monitoring off.

I wouldn't want to turn off heart-rate monitoring because that's one of the main reasons I wear a smartwatch at all. If you wear a device like this to keep track of your health in general, I don't recommend turning this feature off. I didn't and my Watch GT was down to 50% after wearing it for six days and nights, recording one-hour long workouts on all but one of those days. That's still a stellar battery life and one that puts those of other smartwatches to shame.</p>

The lack of Wi-Fi helps explain the long battery life - but also means you don't get alerts when out of your phone's Bluetooth range. But her key complaint is that you can't get other exercise apps, such as RunKeeper and so on. That's unlikely to change.
huawei  smartwatch 
4 weeks ago by charlesarthur
MiSafes' child-tracking smartwatches are 'easy to hack' • BBC News
Leo Kelion:
<p>A location-tracking smartwatch worn by thousands of children has proven relatively easy to hack.

A security researcher found the devices neither encrypted the data they used nor secured each child's account. As a result, he said, he could track children's movements, surreptitiously listen in to their activities and make spoof calls to the watches that appeared to be from parents.

Experts say the issues are so severe that the product should be discarded.

Both the BBC and the researcher involved tried to contact the makers of the MiSafes Kid's Watcher Plus to alert them to the problem but received no reply.

Likewise, a China-based company listed as the product's supplier did not respond to requests…

Pen Test Partner's Ken Munro and Alan Monie learned of the product's existence when a friend bought one for his son earlier this year. Out of curiosity, they probed its security measures and found that easy-to-find PC software could be used to mimic the app's communications. This software could be used to change the assigned ID number, which was all it took to get access to others' accounts.
This made it possible to see personal information used to register the product, including: a photo of the child;
their name, gender and date of birth; their height and weight; the parents' phone numbers; and the phone number assigned to the watch's Sim card.

"It's probably the simplest hack we have ever seen," he told the BBC. "I wish it was more complicated. It isn't."</p>

Securing the internet of things is all about business model. Security costs money.
smartwatch  hack 
8 weeks ago by charlesarthur
nRF52/nRF51 Fitness Trackers & Smartwatches
nRF52/nRF51 Fitness Trackers & Smartwatches Reverse Engineered for use as a Wearable Device Development Platform
github  fitness  smartwatch  wearable 
8 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
Fixing Wear OS: how Google could fight back against the Apple Watch • Wareable
David Nield:
<p>Both our developers were adamant: Wear OS needs a flagship wearable to compete with the Apple Watch. "When people buy an Apple watch, they buy the Apple Watch," says Jason. "When people buy an Wear OS device, they buy… what? The release of a Google Pixel Watch could change that as it would give users one device to focus on."

"The platform really needs a flagship watch," agrees Kris. "No Wear OS watch comes close to the Apple or even Samsung Galaxy watches. Google is clear it wants its partners to focus on the hardware while they focus on the software but neither is doing a good job. Maybe the problem is fashion companies aren't good at building tech hardware."

While we'd say there are in fact some very good Wear OS smartwatches on the market, we can see the point – while earlier models had their flaws, the Apple Watch Series 4 really brings hardware and software together impressively well. It's particularly adept at health and fitness tracking, something Wear OS is still struggling to excel at.

The Wear OS users we spoke to had different ideas about how to push Wear OS forward. Aaron Gumbs wants to see more user customisation options and less of a reliance on Google's apps and services, while Iwan van Ee would like tighter and more useful integrations with the apps already on his phone.

For Juhani Lehtimäki though, less is more. He points to the Google Chromecast and the Google Home smart speaker as devices that are brilliant in their simplicity.

"Google needs to bring Wear back to being extension of our phones," says Juhani. "The amount of standalone apps available for a watch doesn’t matter… how well it extends my Google Fit, Android notification system and others is what matters. Take out the Play Store, take out the keyboard support, and focus on being helpful." </p>

That "keyboard support" even exists tells you exactly who Wear OS's audience tends to be: geeks who want to noodle. Nobody sensible tries to type anything harder than a passcode on a watch. (Wear OS is apparently 7% of smartwatch sales.) The point about too much choice is a good one too.
Android  wearos  apple  smartwatch  applewatch 
9 weeks ago by charlesarthur

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