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How do I use my phone as a presence sensor? – SmartThings Support
Touch Allow to grant SmartThings permission to access your location information
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23 days ago by dano
How To Make Any Alexa Enabled Device Work With SmartThings
“This post goes over how you can create a virtual switch in SmartThings, which you can then use to trigger Alexa Routines.”
alexa  smartthings  2019  automation 
27 days ago by handcoding
How to Install and Set Up the Lutron Caseta Dimmer Switch Starter Kit
Smart bulbs aren’t the only way to get remote-controlled lights in your house. You can also install smart light switches and use them with any bulbs. Here’s how to install and set up the Lutron Caseta Dimmer Switch Starter Kit.
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4 weeks ago by garyleatherman
Does WebCORE run locally yet or is it still cloud-based execution? : SmartThings
Just as a side thing—it looks like webCoRE runs in the cloud (rather than locally), so that’s good.
webcore  cloud  reddit  2019  smartthings 
september 2019 by handcoding
FAQ - Things That Are Smart Wiki
This post goes over how you can check which SmartThings apps and devices are running locally (as opposed to running in the cloud).
smartthings  homeautomation  local  devices  2019 
september 2019 by handcoding
needlessly obscenity-laced on Twitter: "@handcoding i mostly use zooz and smartthings outlets when i need power monitoring. zooz is zwave and kinda chatty, but their double plugs are solid. smartthings is a bit spendier, zigbee, but very reliable." / Twit
// So you had asked Randi Lee Harper about her setup for automagically sensing when one’s phone is being charged:

“Out of curiosity, can I ask which smart plug you use to automagically check whether your phone is charging?

“That sounds like a pretty clever setup, and I’m tempted to try something like that myself.”


// And @randileeharper replied saying:

“Any smart plug that does power monitoring will work! You have to determine how much power your charger pulls (I use a Qi charger) when it’s idle & how much it pulls when charging (varies, so a range)

“I mostly use Zooz and SmartThings outlets when I need power monitoring. Zooz is Z-Wave and kinda chatty, but their double plugs are solid. SmartThings is a bit spendier, Zigbee, but very reliable.”

homeautomation  randileeharper  twitter  2019  recommendations  zooz  smartthings  sensors  smartplugs  smartoutlets  automation 
september 2019 by handcoding
[RELEASE] Echo Speaks - Projects & Stories / Community Created SmartApps - SmartThings Community
“• Creates virtual Echo Devices for every physical device.
“• Make Alexa announcements based on any ST event.
“• Play music/sounds based on an event (eg, when someone arrives)
“• Trigger weather/traffic reports, jokes, fun facts, sing songs, stories, get calendar events.
“• Create Alarms or Reminders based on any ST event.”

(This seems kinda neat on paper, but on the other hand, it seems to require a Heroku account and such?)
alexa  smartthings  echo  webcore  automation  2019 
august 2019 by handcoding

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