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The Best Entry-Level Smart Home, 3 Ways • Gear Patrol
Either people are really comfortable relinquishing privacy for compatibility, or Apple really needs to step up its HomeKit partnership game. The real answer is probably somewhere in between.
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4 days ago by maikegotchi
Today on Twitter chat we talk with Head of and at . Working on how techn…
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6 days ago by tguemes
Candle - privacy friendly smart home
Candle is an example of a privacy friendly smart home of the future. The primary goal of the project is to stimulate companies to produces privacy friendly devices.

The secondary goal is to allow anyone to build their own copy of our prototype, so that they may help us spread the message that more privacy friendly smart homes are possible. We are a group of Dutch technologists, designers and thinkers, most of us from Amsterdam, who felt that we could inspire the market by creating examples of the products we would like to see.
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11 days ago by cyberchucktx

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