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Travel Hacks From a Napa Valley Winemaker - Bloomberg
"Always order a bottle of wine you don’t plan to finish. When I’m staying somewhere for a couple of days, I’ll sometimes order a bottle of wine from the hotel restaurant with dinner. Then I only drink a couple of glasses and give the rest to the staff, since I know you’re close to the price of a bottle on three glasses anyway. Servers and sommeliers appreciate the gesture, and they tend to treat you like a VIP for the rest of your stay. Often I’ll get in late when I come to New York, and so I’ll have dinner at the hotel. And if you leave them some wine, then the next day they come down and everybody in the restaurant is like, “Good morning, Mr. Duncan,” and they know who you are. You just get a little extra. It’s better than a tip, because it’s something different and unique."
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9 days ago by theessentialman
AI Cube Is Huawei’s First Smart Speaker, and It’s Got Alexa and a Router on Board
Announced at IFA 2018 Berlin, Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei has just announced its first ever smart speaker, the AI Cube. With Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant smarts on board, the AI Cube additionally sports an internet router within. Strangely enough, it comes in a form factor and design reminiscent of the Google Home, Google’s mid-sized, router-less...

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AI  Cube  Is  Huawei’s  First  Smart  Speaker  and  It’s  Got  Alexa  a  Router  on  Board 
17 days ago by vrzone
4 Best Raspberry Pi Smart TV Projects We’ve Seen So Far
4 Best Raspberry Pi Smart TV Projects We’ve Seen So Far
4  Best  Raspberry  Pi  Smart  TV  Projects  We’ve  Seen  So  Far  2017  plex  kodi  1st 
20 days ago by kilroy2
Dear $deity, yes!

Astonished at how much "" stuff clearly fails to answer at least one of these.
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