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Dumbass Home 2.0
So, you want to bring a little more cyberpunk to your life. The light should lead your way when you're sneakin' to piss at night; a coffee machine should start automagically with morning alarm. Smart Нome, Internet of Things or whatever they call teapots with microcontrollers this year. I call it "Dumbass Home" because it simply fits better.
home-automation  smart-home  diy  zigbee  z-wave 
6 weeks ago by mwishek
Cast  |  Google Developers
View content from a mobile device on your TV.
6 weeks ago by strajk
A Smart Home Is A Secure Home
With the increasing availability of smart home features, more and more people are making their homes smarter. Here are a few ways that you can use smart security features to make your home safer.
smart-devices  smart-home  home-security 
9 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
Home · ccrisan/motioneyeos Wiki · GitHub
A Video Surveillance OS For Single-board Computers - ccrisan/motioneyeos
hardware  making  smart-home  raspberry-pi  surveillance  open-source  OS  github 
10 weeks ago by ilijusin
Hands On with iOS 12.2’s HomeKit Support for Smart TVs
It’s early days for HomeKit TV integration, but suffice to say it seems as though Apple is really serious about making TVs - regardless of who manufactures them - a tightly-integrated part of the Apple connected home.

Remaining to be seen: it seems as though many of the remote capabilities detailed here are even *better* for third-party TVs than for an Apple TV itself. It’s unclear if that’s just because Federico’s testing has not been Apple TV-centric thus far, or if it’s an actual limitation.
homebridge  smart-home  apple-tv  home-automation  homekit  tv 
11 weeks ago by irace

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