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Weekly Lending Reports 2017 | The U.S. Small Business Administration |
Weekly statistics,. Based on fiscal years. Gives numbers, dollar amounts and demographic breakdown.
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Tips on How to Finance Your New Business Venture
Bank of America's first step in preparing for a business loan (not specifying SBA loans, but BofA's direct loans).
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Top ⑤ Small Business Loan Requirements | Kabbage
Business plans are the second of 5 top requirements for business loans. Kabbage mentions that may alternative lenders (like them) don't require an actual business plan, but will require information from a business owner that would be the type found in a business plan.
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Small Business Owner Tools, Resources & Education | TD Bank
Major bank that mentions business plans as the first thing as a resource for the business.
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january 2018 by jeromekatz
Business Week Online: Small Business
This report gives you a graphical tour of small business credit markets, including average rates, terms and other vital data. Knowing these norms will give you valuable leverage when negotiating for the best deal. Rates and terms will vary based on region, the health of a company and the value of its assets. Figures are revised as new reports become available, so check back at least once a month for updates. The report includes:
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