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can i be returned (you can, you can) by leveilleurs
It was on Harry Potter’s last day as an auror that everything went wrong. A raid gone bad, and the next thing Harry knew he was waking up back on Privet Drive on the day the first Hogwarts letter was due to arrive.

[He sorts slytherin, spends the summer with the Malfoys and befriends the diary. Harry consults with Dumbledore, they make Tom swear an Unbreakable Vow before helping him absorb the other horcruxes and gain a new body.]
f:harrypotter  complete  -wc:5k-25k  site:a03  p:harry/voldemort  slash  plot:timetravel  timetravel!harry  de-aged!harry  slytherin!harry  plot:redo  hogwarts  plot:seers  plot:massive!au  ok!dumbledore  plot:romance  -rating:3/5  notsaved 
9 weeks ago by dievillain
The Untouchable
When he's little, Harry discovers something Very Special: he can make his wishes come true. Literally. Cue the chaos.

In which a young boy discovers a way to slide under the radar and the profound consequences that follow. What happens when you've taught yourself to become untouchable?

Tone changes from childish to mature as Harry ages. Rated M for a lack of moral conscience, the occasional murder, and a graphic dark theme here and there (because why not?). Happily Ever After, Voldemort style.
harrypotterseries  fanfic  complete  chaptered  slash  harry/voldemort  slytherin!harry  11/10 
9 weeks ago by excentryke
A Little Help From A Snake
It was a normal day for Harry. He woke up, made breakfast for his relatives, ate some leftovers, and went out to do the chores set for him. Then it all changed when he accidentally disturbed a snake in the grass.

features: SOULMATES, harry/diary!riddle
fanfic  chaptered  wip  slytherin!harry  slash  harrypotterseries  harry/voldemort  07/10 
9 weeks ago by excentryke
Three Black Birds by Excited-Insomniac
When Voldemort attacked the Potters on Halloween, the wizarding world hailed Harry's younger brother Thomas as The Boy Who Lived. But were they right? As Tom starts Hogwarts, wheels are set in motion, assumptions are questioned, and lives are changed forever. Harry's POV. He's two years older than canon, light, and smart. Eventual HP/DG.
Rated: Fiction T - English - Adventure/Friendship - [Harry P., Daphne G.] OC - Chapters: 18 - Words: 210,333 - Reviews: 420 - Favs: 943 - Follows: 1,401 - Updated: 16h ago - Published: Mar 30 - id: 13247979

[Harry is the older brother of the bwl and benignly neglected by his parents. He sorts into Slytherin and is best friends with Daphne and a Draco's older brother. NOT dark Harry.]
f:harrypotter  wip  -wc:300k-400k  site:ffn  gen  p:harry/daphne  het  plot:massive!au  alive!lily  alive!james  wbwl  plot:family!drama  slytherin!harry  smart!harry  ok!dumbledore  abandoned  -rating:4/5  notsaved 
august 2019 by dievillain
Fighting Fire with Fire by kklusmeier
Baby Harry is carefully examined by Dumbledore and is revealed to be a horcrux. Dumbledore, fearful that it might prevent the prophecy, carefully excises the soul fragment with a tiny lash of Fiendfyre- unaware that he was already the third step on the road of the Master of Death. *I do not own Harry Potter or the Harry Potter universe.
Rated: Fiction M - English - Adventure - [Harry P., Luna L.] Nicolas F., Fawkes - Chapters: 12 - Words: 52,521 - Reviews: 246 - Favs: 1,763 - Follows: 2,454 - Updated: May 27, 2018 - Published: May 20, 2016 - id: 11956763

[In which Lily's ritual, combines with the AK, Dumbledore's fiendfyre surgery, and Fawkes' sacrifice to transform Harry. The Flamels adopt him and he gains a Mastery of Alchemy before Hogwarts. Luna is in the same year as Harry. He's sorted into Slytherin.]
f:harrypotter  wip  -wc:25k-50k  site:ffn  gen  plot:pre-series  ok!dumbledore  plot:prophecy  plot:world!building  phoenix!harry  parent!other  plot:possession  freed!sirius  mage!harry  powerful!harry  slytherin!harry  -rating:3/5  saved 
may 2019 by dievillain
Basilisk-born by Ebenbild
Fifth year: After the Dementor attack, Harry is not returning to Hogwarts – is he? ! Instead of Harry, a snake moves into the lions' den. People won't know what hit them when Dumbledore's chess pawn Harry is lost in time… Manipulative Dumbledore, 'Slytherin!Harry', Time Travel!
Rated: Fiction T - English - Mystery/Adventure - Harry P., Salazar S. - Chapters: 60 - Words: 460,962 - Reviews: 3,586 - Favs: 5,644 - Follows: 6,636 - Updated: Mar 17 - Published: Sep 22, 2014 - id: 10709411

[Really wanted to like this, but the writing is just not up to the plot.]
f:harrypotter  wip  -wc:400k-500k  site:ffn  p:harry/ofc  het  plot:massive!au  plot:timetravel  timetravel!harry  plot:transformation!animal  basilisk!harry  slytherin!harry  manipulative!dumbledore  plot:historical  plot:culture!clash  plot:world!building  founders  plot:family!drama  plot:family!of!choice  plot:immortality  immortal!harry  plot:meet!au!self  harry!slytherin  -rating:3/5  saved 
april 2019 by dievillain
Wolf's Choice by Lomonaaeren
AU of GoF. Harry begins his summer with horrific visions that come true much faster than he was expecting. He’ll have to rely on his circle of friends, both his guardians, and all his allies to cope with the results. Sequel to Other People's Choices
f:harrypotter  wip  -wc:50k-100k  site:a03  gen  parent!snape  freed!sirius  bashing!dumbledore  slytherin!harry  plot:massive!au  ok!ron  ok!snape  bashing!sirius  bashing!remus  manipulative!dumbledore  evil!dumbledore  parseltongue  plot:dragons  plot:world!building  friend!theo  friend!blaise  plot:family!drama  plot:werewolves  plot:therapy  plot:angst  plot:abuse!childabuse  abused!harry  smart!harry  leader!harry  powerful!harry  main!char:harry  parsel!magic  mentor!snape  cynical!harry  plot:politics  plot:mental!illness  a:lomonaaeren  -rating:4/5  saved 
march 2019 by dievillain
To Conquer by WolftheForsaken
Nuking Ra's spaceship as it was about to enter hyperspace was a bad idea, as young Harry Potter is about to find out. Competent Harry, Competent Dumbledore, Political intrigue, magic in space, Sort of Dark Lord Potter but there's no such thing as Dark Magic. Harry out to conquer the magical word for it's own good, then space, just because he can.

[While with the Dursleys hiding from the Hogwarts letters, Harry is possessed by Ra. The horcrux fights back and his mother's protection destroys Ra and the horcrux but leaves their memories behind. Harry learns occlumancy from Voldemort's memories but he can't help but be affected. He intends to re-claim Ra's empire...]
f:harrypotter  f:crossover  f:stargate  sg1  wip  -wc:25k-50k  site:a03  gen  goa'uld!on!earth  plot:timetravel  timetravel!harry  plot:possession  dark!harry  cynical!harry  wizards!in!space  slytherin!harry  plot:politics  smart!harry  -rating:4/5  saved 
march 2019 by dievillain
The Serpent's Gaze: A Slytherin!Harry AU - DictionaryWrites - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
There are poisons that blind you, and poisons that open your eyes. The pride of a Slytherin is in his resource and cunning, and in the serpent's discerning gaze. At Hogwarts, Harry Potter learns to value pride, loyalty, and poison over mercy.

This series starts in Harry's first year and continues onwards, diverging entirely from the canon by the fifth year. Slytherin!Harry, no Horcruxes, no Riddle Diary, no graveyard, no Hallows. Re: the AU, no creature inheritance, no Lord Potter, no harems, no nonsense. Ships are peripheral, and aren't central to the plot, but thus far include Harry/Blaise, Harry/Luna and Remus/Sirius; Harry isn't going to end up with the love of his life at fifteen years old, focus on realistic sexual tension and changing relationships.
au  canon.rewrite  slytherin!harry  f:hp  c:sirius 
february 2019 by miss_speller
Harden Your Heart Against the Night - Ciridae - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Returning to Hogwarts slightly more learned but not quite civilized the trio face enemies, friends and problems new and old.
f:hp  slytherin!harry  canon.rewrite  incomplete  rituals  magic 
february 2019 by miss_speller
souls touch, and the future changes - sunmoonandstars - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Albus Dumbledore watched two visionaries start as driven, powerful, brilliant young men, and become monsters. He has no heir, no protege of equal power to step in should another one rise, and he is old. So when he hears of a Chosen One with power the Dark Lord knows not, he thinks maybe he doesn't want this boy prophesied to defeat Lord Voldemort to grow up in the Wizarding world. He thinks of the bonds of family, and the opportunity he has to shape his world's politics, and of a corrupt magical elite who've signed on with two Dark Lords over hatred of Muggles. He thinks Harry Potter should grow up loved by his family, and Voldemort be destroyed so there is no need for Harry to ever realize his power, and he acts to make both of those things happen. Because he's Dumbledore and what he wants, he gets.


When you dabble with improvised ritual magic, you should be aware there might be unforeseen consequences. For example: souls touch.
au  canon.rewrite  slytherin!harry  abuse  wandless.magic  f:hp 
february 2019 by miss_speller
The Chessmaster: White Rook - Flye_Autumne
Chessmaster Volume IV. AU. The Triwizard Tournament comes to Hogwarts, leading to more questions than answers. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to most, the power of the Dark Lord continues to grow, leaving Wizarding Britain balanced on the point of conflict…
f:harrypotter  wip  -wc:5k-25k  site:a03  gen  slytherin!harry  slytherin!hermione  slytherin!ron  plot:massive!au  plot:politics  dark!hermione  kickass!hermione  ok!ron  powerful!hermione  ok!snape  manipulative!dumbledore  quidditch  plot:abuse!childabuse  parseltongue  abused!harry  -rating:5/5  saved  pureblood!culture  plot:world!building  freed!sirius  sane!voldemort  smart!ron 
february 2019 by dievillain
A Lightning's Tale - Riddle_Master_101 - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Harry Potter is abruptly thrown into a different world upon receiving his letter from Hogwarts. Danger stalks him at every turn, light and dark are locked in a constant, eternal battle, and weaving it all together is this substance called magic...
au  slytherin!harry  gen  f:hp  abuse  l:hogwarts 
january 2019 by miss_speller
Victoria Potter by Taure
Magically talented, Slytherin fem!Harry. Years 1-3 of Victoria Potter's adventures at Hogwarts, with a strong focus on magic, friendship, and boarding school life. Mostly canonical world but avoids rehash of canon plotlines. No bashing, no kid politicians, no 11-year-old romances. First Year complete as of chapter 12.
Rated: Fiction T - English - Friendship - Harry P., Pansy P., Susan B., Daphne G. - Chapters: 15 - Words: 86,039 - Reviews: 356 - Favs: 904 - Follows: 1,359 - Updated: Oct 24, 2018 - Published: Nov 4, 2017 - id: 12713828

[Female Harry. The Dursleys aren't fun, but they also aren't the usual abusive stereotype. The other slytherins are all just normal kids. She's best friends with Susan, friendly acquaintances with Draco, and Hermione is canon levels insufferable. She doesn't get embroiled in the philosopher's stone plot, spends most of the summer with the Bones' with no Dobby interference. Dumbledore doesn't give her the invisibility cloak.]
f:harrypotter  wip  -wc:50k-100k  site:ffn  gen  always!girl!harry  plot:genderbender  plot:genderbender!permanent  slytherin!harry  plot:world!building  plot:no!bashing  hogwarts  friend!susan  plot:friendshipfic  smart!harry  powerful!harry  -rating:4/5  saved 
january 2019 by dievillain
War Song by WizardsGirl
(25 Vote Winner on my Poll) Harry is a Son of Ares, but never Determined, and becomes the Master of Death (Warnings Inside) One-Shot (May add drabble chapters later, but unlikely), M for CURSING and Some Depictions of Violence
Rated: Fiction M - English - Family/Humor - Harry P., Lily Evans P., Ares - Chapters: 2 - Words: 7,765 - Reviews: 140 - Favs: 1,577 - Follows: 1,364 - Updated: May 30, 2015 - Published: May 27, 2015 - id: 11276146
f:harrypotter  f:crossover  f:percyjackson  complete  -wc:5k-25k  site:ffn  parent!other  plot:gods  plot:romance!adultery  kickass!harry  slytherin!harry  plot:bamf  plot:finding!family  plot:unexpected!parent  masterofdeath  plot:immortality  immortal!harry  america  plot:humor  -rating:3/5  saved 
december 2018 by dievillain
Leo Inter Serpentes - Aeternum - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Just one conversation between two eleven year old boys goes slightly differently, and the world changes. Just how much will be different with Harry being sorted into Slytherin, and how much will stay the same?

Leo Inter Serpentes: First Year
A retelling of the original series, but this time, our hero wears green and silver, not red and gold.

Leo Inter Serpentes: Second Year
It's Harry's second year at Hogwarts, and he's beginning to wish that Voldemort was back to possessing his professors. Someone's targeting Muggleborns, and it's no fun being a Slytherin when most of the school thinks you're the one attacking other students.

Leo Inter Serpentes: Third Year
Harry's back at Hogwarts, and his escaped convict godfather has followed him there, intent on murder. Harry would like to believe he's safe at school, but his death is being predicted on a weekly basis and, worst of all, Snape's taking the threat seriously. Lucky the Ministry has sent Dementors to guard the school, eh?

Leo Inter Serpentes: Fourth Year
Things start out well for Harry this year: he only has to put up with the Dursleys for a week before he's whisked off to Malfoy Manor, where Hermione soon arrives. After spending a happy summer with his two best friends, Harry's cheerfully prepared for his fourth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Or so he thinks. Evil is gathering strength, and the signs are there - but will anyone read them in time?

Leo Inter Serpentes: Fifth Year
Getting adopted by Severus means that Harry can finally escape the Dursleys for good, but it's not all sunshine and roses. Voldemort is back and, to make matters worse, the Ministry is denying it, despite all available evidence. As if all of that wasn't bad enough, the new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher has it in for Harry, and is far more interested in taking him down than in teaching anything remotely useful. What's a Slytherin to do? Why, begin plotting, of course!

Leo Inter Serpentes: Sixth Year
Now that he knows the full contents of the prophecy, Harry begins training in earnest to kill Voldemort, with the help of his dad and two best friends. Dumbledore has voluntarily offered to divulge extra information to Harry, and the Ministry has finally realised what's been staring them in the face for a year - but that doesn't mean that things will start to go smoothly for Harry. He and his loved ones will be tested in ways they haven't seen coming, and some relationships will buckle under the strain.

Additional Scenes:
harrypotter  Harry/Draco  first.time  Aeternum  au  au:mirror  au:branching  sorting!au  Slytherin!Harry  other.ships  favorite  ★★★★★  rec:TheRecCenter  wip 
november 2018 by southerly
The Thrown Pebble by MissjuliaMiriam
Harry Potter grew up at Number Four Privet Drive. Harry Potter has never known his parents. Harry Potter is a wizard.

Harry Potter is not the Boy Who Lived.

[In which Neville is the BWL, Lily and James are in St Mungos, Sirius and Remus are alive and free but Harry doesn't meet them until Hogwarts. Sprout is the one who does his visit and she helps him deal with the Dursleys and actually prepare for school. Harry sorts Slytherin due to his fierce self-reliance, but his only friend is Hermione. He comes afoul of Draco and Snape as he won't put up with Draco bullying Hermione. Harry is still a parselmouth and has the holly wand.]
f:harrypotter  site:a03  gen  plot:massive!au  neville!tbwl  plot:abuse!childabuse  abused!harry  slytherin!harry  parseltongue  cynical!harry  independent!harry  -rating:4/5  saved  wbwl  complete  -wc:50k-100k  parent!sirius  plot:family!of!choice  plot:politics 
november 2018 by dievillain

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timetravel!harry  timetravel!hermione  timetravel!ron  timetravel!voldemort  timetravel  torture  traditions  twin!harry  twin  undead!harry  verse:hp  violence  wandless.magic  war_era  wbwl  wc:10-20k  wc:100k+  wc:175-200k  wc:20-50k  wc:5-10k  weasley!bashing  weasley-bashing  wip  wizards!in!space  words:>100000  ★★★★★ 

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