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Slow Lloyd
"In 2010, the design research organization slowLab (US/NL) began a partnership with the Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy in Amsterdam to explore the potentials of a ‘Slow-er' Lloyd.

slowLab recognized the Lloyd as a fertile context for exploring and transmitting principles of Slow design. As a historic landmark, it offers rich physical and social traces that bind the past and present and connect the building to the city at large. As both a business enterprise and a creative nonprofit, it offers a wide range of resources and supports many scales of relationship. The Slow Lloyd research program set out to investigate how Slow design ideas, tools and values might enrich the Lloyd’s existing collection of services, spaces and people, while reaching out to include a broader ‘ecology’ of resources and relationships from the local area, and the city at large.

Slow Lloyd is an invitation to consider ALL the layers that make up the Lloyd– not only its current enterprise and cultural offerings, but also the personal, social and creative movements that have unfolded within and around this unique location, and continue to do so today. The program leverages the unique conditions of this place, while: 1) Revealing additional functional and aesthetic expressions within the Lloyd's complex ecology of services, spaces and people; 2) Constructing additional layers of personal and social experience; 3) Creating new opportunities for interaction and collaboration across a diversity of disciplines; and 4) Deepening connections with the those living and working in the local community.

Hundreds of designers, architects, social and environmental innovators, students, and local community members took part in the ‘Slowing Experiments’ featured on this site. Individually and in groups, they investigated the functional, spatial, temporal, sensorial, and social expressions of the Lloyd system, while also expanding beyond its borders to imagine new forms of engagement in the local area and new scenarios applicable to the world at large.

Collectively, the projects found here begin to map out a set of Slow values not only for the Lloyd and its neighborhood, but for all of us. How can what we experience and learn through Slow Lloyd help us to be Slow-er as individuals, to strengthen our communities, and, in so doing, to move together toward a more sustainable future?"
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Slow Design Knowledge Index by slowLab — Kickstarter
"We’re raising money to create the Slow Design Knowledge Index: a comprehensive platform that collects, connects and helps people share a spectrum of Slow design knowledge.  Building this project will enable broader acceptance and understanding of Slow design, will catalyze new ideas, academic programs, local actions and dialogues, and will amplify the voices of the Slow design community. It's a resource that will be accessible to people around the world, and, importantly, it promises to transform how people think about and practice design into the future."
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april 2013 by robertogreco
Labs: Designing the future -MaRS News & Insights | MaRS
"In the spirit of a creative, open innovation system, the Lab is a structure that not only thinks, but also does. Traditionally a place for scientists to test hypotheses that lead to potential breakthroughs, the Lab has been re-purposed to address elusive “wicked problems” in society. In this version (sometimes called the innovation, design or change Lab), substitute the scientific method with design thinking as the rigorous and repeatable protocol; swap beakers and Bunsen burners for sticky notes and white boards; and shift from single expertise to multifaceted expertise (usually representing a combination of business, design and humanities – in MaRS’ case, add science & tech as well as entrepreneurs of all sorts).

In these Labs, teams are experimenting with alternative solutions to real-world challenges such as water sanitization, carbon neutrality and age-friendly societies. And just like scientific breakthroughs, when these solutions succeed, they are game changing."
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slowLab > slow design laboratory
"What does it mean to be Slow? Mindfulness. Imagination. Intention. Collaboration. Action. As you greet 2010, we hope you’ll take a moment to reflect on how these qualities might be part of your year ahead."

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"slowLab is an emerging organization based in New York, NY (US) and with activities worldwide.

The mission of the organization is to promote slowness or what we call 'Slow design' as a positive catalyst of individual, socio-cultural and environmental well-being. Our programming engages the innate creative capacities of individuals and the collaborative potential of communities to spur networks of cooperation and incite new thinking and approaches. Since 2003, slowLab has been growing a network of 'Slow creative activists' to exchange ideas and resources, share knowledge and cooperatively develop projects that positively impact the lives of individuals, the communities they participate in and the planet that we share.

slowLab’s current and future programs include public lectures, dialogues and exhibitions, an online project observatory and communication portal, academic programs and publishing projects. We aim to reach a wide spectrum of disciplines and communities, enabling slowLab's more holistic approach to take root and grow among an international public.

slowLab was inspired by the global 'slow' movements which serve to balance the demands of the fast-paced world on our bodies, our cities, and the cultural fabric.

slowLab is supported by the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) who serves as our nonprofit fiscal sponsor."
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