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(2019-02-03 15:27:53) Zeph Stewart: That was supposed to take you to a recipe.
(2019-02-03 15:27:54) Zeph Stewart:
(2019-02-03 15:27:57) Zeph Stewart: Try that one.
(2019-02-03 15:28:24) Jay via Gtalk: Thanks, yes, that works!
(2019-02-03 15:28:30) Zeph Stewart: Yay!
(2019-02-03 15:28:44) Zeph Stewart: I used turkey instead of chicken,
(2019-02-03 15:29:15) Zeph Stewart: and only used one onion and a small head of garlic, rather than the bunch of different kind of onions that called for.
(2019-02-03 15:29:30) Zeph Stewart: I also didn't have cream or cream cheese,
(2019-02-03 15:29:35) Jay via Gtalk: And you used mushrooms, sour cream (about how much?) chicken stock, thyme, turkey, onions, garlic, and bacon, right?
(2019-02-03 15:29:53) Jay via Gtalk: You didn't use any celery, did you?
(2019-02-03 15:30:00) Zeph Stewart: so I used about 14oz of sour cream.
(2019-02-03 15:30:06) Zeph Stewart: I did not use celery.
(2019-02-03 15:30:16) Jay via Gtalk: Cool, thank you!
(2019-02-03 15:30:21) Zeph Stewart: My brain automatically censors the concept of celery.
(2019-02-03 15:30:50) Zeph Stewart: I also have some cheesecloth and kitchen string here at Lillith's for you.
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19 days ago by beowabbit
Taco Meat Loaf Stuffed Peppers - The Magical Slow Cooker
Slow Cooker Taco Meat Loaf Stuffed Peppers are a fun way to switch up standard stuffed peppers.
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21 days ago by david.parrott
Every Single Slow Cooker Soup Recipe You Could Ever Need | Kitchn
Soup is arguably the best thing you can make in your slow cooker. Few things are better than coming home to a soup, stew, or chili that’s been simmering away all day, and all you have to do is ladle it into bowls. We’ve rounded up our very best slow cooker soup recipes, so bookmark this page and make a new one every week.
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24 days ago by cyberchucktx

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