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The Very Slow Movie Player
Most displays are looking to play things faster. We’ve got movies at 60 frames per second, and gaming displays that run at 144 fps. But what about moving in the other direction? [Bryan Boyer] wanted to try this out, so he built the VSMP, or Very Slow Movie Player. It’s a neat device that plays back a movie at about 24 fph (frames per hour) on an e-ink display to demonstrate something that [Bryan] calls Slow Seeing, which, he says “helps you see yourself against the smear of time.” A traditional epic-length movie is now going to run you greater than 8,000 hours of viewing.
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december 2018 by zzkt
en.Slow Media » Slow Startups
You are reading In economy , philosophy , slow theory By Joerg Blumtritt and Benedikt Koehler No Comments so far Related posts No related posts Remember that…
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may 2015 by rudenoise
The Slow Web by Jack Cheng
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april 2014 by rudenoise
The Slow Web (plus: the modern experience of film-watching) :: Rebecca Blood
It's not just about being first and fast and superficial; it's an opportunity to consider a spectrum of arguments and evidence.
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april 2014 by rudenoise
The opportunity for Slow Media
"Slow Media, on the other hand, has opportunities beyond display ads. It favors deep engagement rather than brief contact with ad meat. It trades on relationships with the audience rather than fleeting touches. It builds affinity rather than habits. So far, we have seen media owners struggle to monetize those differences, and so many instead rely on the mechanics of the now to generate mass as quickly as possible, even as the ad units upon which such an approach is predicated produce diminishing returns. In these early decades of the Internet, the economic disincentives for longform reporting or analysis have been too great. What may emerge, however, are new ways to unlock the power behind that deep engagement and loyalty. Perhaps the deepest power Slow Media has is that it has the ability to build meaningful relationships and trust. It reeks of credibility."
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june 2013 by jnchapel

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