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شرح درس الميل وحل مثال Slope
<a rel="nofollow" href="">شرح درس الميل وحل مثال Slope</a><br />
<a rel="nofollow" href="">شرح درس الميل وحل مثال Slope</a><br />
<a rel="nofollow" href="">شرح درس الميل وحل مثال Slope</a><br />
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<p>شرح درس الميل وحل مثال Slope من كتاب الرياضيات للأول الثانوي – المنهاج المطور المعتمد على تقنية TI-nspire شرح درس الميل بشكل تفاعلي لإيصال… تعليم رياضيات,Education,تعليم الرياضيات,تعلم الرياضيات,الرياضيات      شرح  source</p>
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september 2019 by snapeplus
How to Create a Scatter Plot in Google Sheets
This articles explains what scatter plots are, why they're useful and will show you how to create and interpret a scatter plot in Google Sheets.
Charts  SLOPE  INTERCEPT  Sheets 
july 2019 by cardwookie
Pinewood Derby Slope - Cycloid - Ski Slope - Brachistochrones - Tautochrones - Gear Teeh
"The beauty of mathematics"

"Balls place on cycloid shaped ramp will roll backwards and forwards with the same frequency. It does not matter where on the ramp the ball is initially placed, it will complete a round trip in the same time."

"Huygens ... proposed using the involute of an inverted cycloid to make a perfect pendulum. He is the first to consider suspending the string of the pendulum at the cusp on an inverted cycloid."

"If you set-up your childrens' model race track with a brachistochrone shaped start ramp, then you could educate them that it is not important where on the curve they start their cars for a fair race.
(Of course, kids will tell you that red cars always go faster!)"

"If your [skate park] bowl is not a perfect tautochrone, depending on the shape, it might even by possible to impress your friends by being able to faster than they can by, paradoxically, (to them) not pointing your board directly down the slope, but by taking a path that traces out the brachistochrone."

"Today, most gears are designed with an involute pattern. (Sort of like imagining a gear wheel manufactured with a whole set of teeth like Huygen's Chops!

"The relative rates of rotation the involute gears are constant while the teeth are engaged, and also, the gears always make contact along a single steady line of force. With teeth of other shapes, the relative speeds and forces rise and fall as successive teeth engage, resulting in vibration, noise, and excessive wear.

"Within reason, the distance between the centers of two meshed involute gears can be varied without changing the velocity ratio of the two wheels. (Cycloidal gears require an exact distance).

"Finally, involute gears are easier to manufacture having flat tops and bottoms, with just curved sides."
gear  slope  rolling_slope  Pinewood_Derby  Try-Pot  Newton  Huygens_Chops  pendulum  clock  gravity  acceleration  time  sprocket 
january 2019 by Tonti
Schelling fences on slippery slopes - LessWrong 2.0
Slippery slopes are themselves a slippery concept. Imagine trying to explain them to an alien: And the alien might well respond: "But you could just ban Holocaust denial, but not ban unpopular political positions or religions. via Pocket
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january 2019 by ChristopherA

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