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Build and run tiny vms from Dockerfiles. Small and sleek.
slim will build a micro-vm from a Dockerfile. Slim works by building and extracting a rootfs from a Dockerfile, and then merging that filesystem with a small minimal kernel that runs in RAM.

This results in a real VM that can boot instantly, while using very limited resources. If done properly, slim can allow you to design and build immutable unikernels for running services, or build tiny and embedded development environments.
slim  docker  virtualbox  vm 
7 weeks ago by jkeyes
docker-slim/docker-slim · GitHub
Squeeze the docker image 10x. Nice!
docker  slim 
10 weeks ago by hayzer
HDMI Cable, Ultra Slim, Black, .5 ft to 6ft -
Ultra Slim Series High Speed HDMI
Slim cables are not so hard on the jack.
I have a slim one that needs a replacement
Slim  High  Speed  HDMI  Cables  6ft  replacement 
march 2019 by MattJhsn
openacid/slim: Unbelievably space efficient data structures in Golang.
Unbelievably space efficient data structures in Golang. - openacid/slim
golang  datastructures  slim 
march 2019 by pinterb

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