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Internet Trends Report 2018
Internet Trends 2018 Report - Mary Meeker, Code Conference May 30th, 2018.
trends  internet  2018  research  report  marymeeker  tech  deck  slideshare 
4 weeks ago by eugenexxv
Tensorflow for Deep Learning(SK Planet)
SK Planet 강의 자료 (2017.08.07/2017.08.09)
slideshare  tensorflwo  deeplearning 
6 weeks ago by nezz
NLP Deep Learning with Tensorflow
Understand what is natural language process and how can we approach this problem with deep learning especially using google tensorflow
slideshare  nlp  tensorflow 
6 weeks ago by nezz
[NDC18] 만들고 붓고 부수고 - 〈야생의 땅: 듀랑고〉 서버 관리 배포 이야기
NDC 2018, "만들고 붓고 부수고 - 〈야생의 땅: 듀랑고〉 서버 관리 배포 이야기" 발표 자료입니다.
ndc  slideshare  server  devops 
7 weeks ago by nezz
What is Comms Planning?
What is Comms Planning? is a presentation that provides a clear answer of the role of the Comms Planner within an Advertising Agency. I use the example of the Puma Social campaign to prove the point.
juliancole  commsplanning  definition  howto  guide  deck  slideshare  strategy  planning  education 
7 weeks ago by eugenexxv
Designing Active Learning in Moodle – a preview of the Learning Desig…
slides for a MoodleMoot conference showing how the designs created via the Learning Designer could be exported to Moodle.
10 weeks ago by scherly
La paradoja de la eficiencia
Presentación acerca de Lean y eficiencia de flujo y cómo conseguirla
slideshare  presentation  agile  lean 
10 weeks ago by gorilas

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