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Majestic Modular Monoliths - Speaker Deck
Developers! Architects! Buckle up as we're going to cut through the hype. Instead of going all-in on microservices or all-in on big ball of mud, we'll introduce a third choice: the Majestic Modular Monolith!
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yesterday by nicolashery
HTML5, to infinity and beyond!
3D interactive presentation containing 10 HTML5 innovations.
yesterday by giantscorpions
Serverless Computing: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back - Speaker Deck
So much agreement with this slide deck, particularly the list of limitations of current FaaS:
15 min lifetimes; I/O bottlenecks; no inbound network comms; no specialized hardware; and the general horribleness of using DynamoDB or S3 state as a platform for distributed computing protocols.
faas  lambda  serverless  fail  slides  architecture  aws  dynamodb  s3  cloud 
2 days ago by jm
markdeck/ at master · arnehilmann/markdeck · GitHub
presentations as code - author cool slide decks, text-only, offline-ready, collaborative - arnehilmann/markdeck
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