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2 days ago by po
Policies: Designing 4:3 Images
Create a new web document measuring 1096 pixels wide and 822 pixels high, or a new print document measuring 15.2222 inches wide and 11.4167 inches high.
Design the graphic for your event. The smallest type should be no smaller than 14 point.
Export the graphic to JPEG format (File > Export > JPEG).
Set quality to High; format method to Baseline; resolution to 72 pixels per inch; and color space to RGB.
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3 days ago by yesterdaysjam
API World: The service-mesh landscape
Service-mesh technology promises to deliver a lot of value to a cloud-native application, but it doesn't come without some hype. In this talk, we'll look at wh…
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3 days ago by mreinbold
rvg is a set of graphics devices that produces Vector Graphics outputs. This package is providing:

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) with dsvg. The graphic can be made interactive (tooltip, onclick and id attribute manipulation). To make that work in an HTML document, check for dependencies d3.js in the document. This is the svg device used by package ggiraph.
DrawingML for Microsoft PowerPoint with dml_pptx and for Microsoft Excel with dml_xlsx. Theses formats let users edit the graphic elements (editable graphics) within PowerPoint or Excel and have a very good rendering.
These raw XML outputs cannot be used as is. Functions ph_with_vg() and ph_with_vg_at() can be used with package officer to add vector graphics in PowerPoint documents.
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5 days ago by danimad

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