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Yet Their Hearts Are Not Changed - ester_inc
It's Enjolras who finds Grantaire, but Grantaire is the one who can't let go.
#les-mis  *enjolras/grantaire  au  slave!au  magic!au  first-time  web:ao3  word:1-5k 
october 2018 by christycorr
When Rome's in Ruins (We are the Lions) - Kedreeva
Humankind has turned arena battles between supernatural creatures into its largest form of entertainment. Stiles Stilinski is a well-known warden who comes to arena-fighter Derek Hale to make him an offer.
au  slave!au  angst  first-time  politics  recced  !! ❤  word:100k+  #teenwolf  web:ao3  rating:nc-17  *derek/stiles  writer:kedreeva 
august 2015 by christycorr
Not As Described
Stiles may have made a huge mistake.
pairing:derek/stiles  Slave!AU 
march 2015 by pomme_noir
in the city of seven walls || auburn || fan fiction
Gilded cages are still cages. Sheppard and McKay turn to each other to survive a life in slavery and afterward.

I love a good codependent hurt comfort story. I have read this story sooo many times.
pairing:mckay/sheppard  fandom:sga  slave!au 
march 2015 by hyetal
maculategiraffe | "The Slave Breakers" index page
Orginal Slave fic. Came highly rec'd.
These stories are set in a world parallel to ours-- modern, but different-- where the law is that adolescents can be sold into slavery on their fifteenth birthday to defray their parents' cost of living.

I've read all the major stories and some of the side stories. This is an amazing example of world building. But because these were original characters I felt like there was potential for a lot more development of each individual character.
This kind of sexual slavery was so emotional to read about and the author didn't ignore that with a simple - "this an alternative world so people don't have those kinds of feelings".
Definitely worth reading if you're interested in slave au's and power dynamics and polyamory. There's some het scenes and allusions to fem/fem dynamics.
pairing:omc/omc  author:maculategiraffe  slave!au 
february 2015 by hyetal
Defiance and Progress - rosepetals42
When Derek literally stumbles into Stiles at a slave auction, he expects to buy him and his friend and stop worrying about him. He expects it to be simple and easy. But there's nothing simple or easy about "owning" Stiles. And Derek never does stop worrying.
au  slave!au  angst  pining!derek  ust  word:50-100k  #teenwolf  web:ao3  rating:r  *derek/stiles  writer:rosepetals42 
february 2015 by christycorr
Unchained - exclamation
Werewolves are considered little better than animals and often treated much worse, forced into slavery from birth. Derek has been owned by enough humans to know their cruelty. When he's bought by Stiles, he expects more of the same. But Stiles is not like any human he's dealt with before.

Stiles meanwhile is horrified to learn of the treatment werewolves suffer on a daily basis, and he must deal with the fact that his best friend is out there somewhere, probably going through everything Derek has been through.
recced  au  slave!au  word:100k+  #teenwolf  web:ao3  rating:nc-17  *derek/stiles  writer:exclamation  from twitter
september 2014 by christycorr
Submit Brother, for you are Mine - LokiBitch07 - Thor (Movies), The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
When Loki goes into heat for the first time as an omega, his alpha brother Thor takes a very-unbrotherly liking to the trickster. Loki is not amused.
It makes it easier for him to let go of the staff and fall into space.
When he is brought back to Asgard after he lost his war on Midgard, Odin gives in to Thor's whishes and declares that Loki will be bonded to Thor and due to Loki's actions, Thor will be given complete control over Loki. So in a society where alpha and omegas are usually more equal, Loki will be treated more as the omegas were thousands of years prior and essentially he will be Thor's property until such time as the Aesir feel Loki can be trusted again.
Warning for very!dark!Thor and Bamf!Loki (36k.)
fandom:avengers  thor/loki  slave!au  dark  noncon  bdsm  abuse  knotting  sexual!heat  alphabetaomega  d/s 
june 2013 by casey_sms
Runaway With Me - gagcaster - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Louis cares for Harry like only he can. (1.6k. They cut Harry's vocal chords...Louis substitutes himself for Harry. From chat fic. Actually quite dark even though it has a happy ending.)
bandom:onedirection  harry/louis  harry/other  louis/other  slave!au  noncon  bdsm  humiliation  mute  unusual-condition  forcedtowatch  substitution  runningaway 
february 2013 by casey_sms
Pack Up; Don't Stray - the_deep_magic
AU – Werewolves are an enslaved underclass, collared and tagged by human masters. Detective Stilinksi’s on duty the night they bring in an untagged stray.
au  slave!au  hurt/comfort  jealousy  angst  word:50-100k  #teenwolf  web:ao3  rating:nc-17  *derek/stiles  *allison/scott  writer:the-deep-magic 
january 2013 by christycorr
conquest: FIC -- Now There's Nothing Left To Waste -- NC-17
AU. Sam finds Dean in a mysterious establishment after one of his rich friends lends Sam his "Key". Sequel to You Tasted All My Purity, if you want the backstory. (Dean has a comfortable cage. Sam wants to save him but he can't if he wants to be Dean's brother instead of Dean's owner. Sam's stuck. Burnnnn.)

QUOTE: "Yeah. Sorry too," says Sam. "I want—I. All I want is to be different from a job, and I keep fucking it up and—I don't know how to be different." He trails off.
fandom:spn  dean/other  dean/sam  hooker!au  slave!au  angst  drama  dubcon  incest  prostitution 
january 2013 by casey_sms
What's It Feel Like To Be A Ghost? - ragingrainbow - One Direction (Band), Real Person Fiction [Archive of Our Own]
They took his eyes. Let’s see how far you can run without your eyes, aye? (528 words. Sad ending. They're going to be separated but Harry promises to find Louis omg that ray of hope in such a bleak universe.../wibbles)
bandom:onedirection  harry/louis  slave!au  romance  drama  angst  runningaway  blindness  dark  crying 
january 2013 by casey_sms
wordslinging: Creep In Like a Whisper
403: Gerard and Mikey are wealthy land-owners, and Frank is a newly-attained slave with trust issues. They show him they're not like typical masters. (~15k. Mentions of past physical and sexual child abuse. Of course Gerard and Mikey are secret abolitionists. Gerard doesn't want Frank to be with him while Frank is still a slave. Gerard frees Frank and the first thing Frank wants to do is kiss Gerard as a free man. Great slave fic with happy ending.)
bandom:mcr  frank/gerard  slave!au  childabuse  abuse  drama  scars  seduction  nightmares  hurt/comfort  sleepcute 
january 2013 by casey_sms
Thank You For The Music - jedusaur - Bandom, Panic At The Disco, Fall Out Boy [Archive of Our Own]
"Panic is going to be a big fucking deal. If Brendon is your lead singer, he's going to be a big fucking deal. Do you really want to own a celebrity?" (Interesting story. I like the way it unfolds. Originally Brendon is a present to Spencer from Pete. Spencer has no qualms about using Brendon, in fact, he quite likes it. Brendon ends up being the lead singer after hanging out with Ryan and Spencer and no one outside of Panic aside from Pete knows that he's a slave. This changes things. Pete continues to use Brendon. Also Brendon falls for Ryan but Spencer forbids him until he realizes he should be better than that so he lets Brendon love Ryan. Love the way this 'ends'. Hope there's more.)
bandom:patd  brendon/ryan  brendon/spencer  pete/brendon  slave!au  slavery  noncon  oralsex  abuse 
november 2012 by casey_sms
Jedi Apprentice: Fan Dimension - Lost and Found by Kat
After events on Bandomeer, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn went their separate ways. Now on an undercover mission to investigate an illegal arms trade in the outer rim, Qui-Gon finds Obi-Wan being kept as a slave by the very man he is investigating. Is it the will of the Force throwing them together again? Whatever the answer, Qui-Gon must somehow find a way to both complete his mission and rescue Obi-Wan from slavery.
fandom:jedi_apprentice  qui-gon/obi-wan  au  slave!au  angst  hurt/comfort  childabuse  slap  recovery/rehab  crying  flogging  2ndcharacterdeath  via:casey_sms 
august 2012 by EasyTangent
mozarts_piano: FIC; Although I Was Burning You're The Only Light [kitty!louis/harry]
There aren't very many people like Louis in the world - young boys with cat ears and a tail, so it's easy to see how he's so popular with clients.

Basically, Louis has the characteristics of a cat, and was taken at a young age to be a part of some sex ring (maybe run by Simon Cowell who takes what he wants from Louis because he owns him) and somehow Harry gets told about the beautiful catboy from a friend and decides he has to see for himself. (Louis is abandoned by his mother and picked up by Simon who pretty much pimps him out. Harry is a nice client. Zayn appears to be...but he isn't when it comes down to business. Harry saves up for an hour and takes him away. Happy Larry ending yes!)


QUOTE: the room they put him in is dark and a little smelly and louis doesn't understand what simon's saying.

"just be innocent and quiet and cute," he says and louis sits down on the bed with a frown, "let him do whatever he wants to you." | simon gets mad at him for not acting playful – for not crying when it hurts or hissing when he's mad. simon shouts at him that the men who see him want that, that they want little boys who are scared. simon looks at louis and tries to get through to him.
harry/louis  louis/other  noncon  angst  drama  slave!au  catboys  roughsex  childabuse  prostitution  slap  facials  underage  crying  spanking  bandom:onedirection 
july 2012 by casey_sms
Jedi Apprentice: Fan Dimension - Lost and Found by Kat
After events on Bandomeer, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn went their separate ways. Now on an undercover mission to investigate an illegal arms trade in the outer rim, Qui-Gon finds Obi-Wan being kept as a slave by the very man he is investigating. Is it the will of the Force throwing them together again? Whatever the answer, Qui-Gon must somehow find a way to both complete his mission and rescue Obi-Wan from slavery. (Love this story. I've read it many times. New link as of Jan 2014 as JAFD closed down :()
fandom:jedi_apprentice  qui-gon/obi-wan  au  slave!au  angst  hurt/comfort  childabuse  slap  recovery/rehab  crying  flogging  2ndcharacterdeath 
july 2012 by casey_sms
So Let's Set The World On Fire - you're all bones, sharp like a knife.
I just want Harry as a slave who has had a really bad, abusive master and Louis is the rich son of someone important who pretends to have loads of slaves but he's really an abolitionist who buys Harry so he can set him free. But of course Harry doesn't know that so...angst and hurt/comfort? (Fill for my prompt. Author is very nice to wait for me. I can feel the angst already mmmmm yes.)
bandom:onedirection  harry/louis  slave!au  angst  hurt/comfort  scars  abuse  noncon 
june 2012 by casey_sms
Fair Market Value
Slave!AU. Ryan is a marked slave bought by Brendon...
Brendon/Spencer/Ryan  BrendonUrie  SpencerSmith  RyanRoss  Slave!AU 
may 2012 by Valress

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