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Opinion: The government uses images of vulnerable people to test facial recognition software | Slate
"Our research shows that any one of us might end up helping the facial recognition industry, perhaps during moments of extraordinary vulnerability," write Os Keyes, a doctoral student in human centered design and engineering, Nikki Stevens, a doctoral student at Arizona State University, and Jacqueline Wernimont, an associate professor of digital humanities and social engagement at Dartmouth University.
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2 days ago by uwnews
In 1998, I helped convict two men of murder. I’ve regretted it ever since.
A journalist recounts how he convicted a man (no, a boy) of murder, when he didn't and still doesn't believe the punishment was just.
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14 days ago by mcherm
New research suggests the $15 minimum wage is not bad for workers like economists feared | Slate
"It remains entirely possible that, one day, economists will look back on this burst of (minimum wage) legislation as a series of well-intentioned mistakes. But thanks to some recent studies, I’m feeling a little less apprehensive about how it will play out," writes Jordan Weissmann for Slate. The UW minimum wage study is referenced.
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23 days ago by uwnews
A Simple Guide To Cleaning And Sealing A Small Slate Floor
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6 weeks ago by abbeyfloorcare

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