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Getting Late to Give You Up by middlecyclone
Buzzfeed Unsolved, Ryan/Shane. Shane sees ghosts; he's profoundly unimpressed. // 1K. I remember reading this one, too. I'm so easy. HUH.
fanfic  BuzzfeedUnsolved  slash  RPS  pair:RyanBergara/ShaneMadej  yuletide  yuletide2017  ref:humor  ref:yenta  au:middlecyclone  fandom:Buzzfeed 
2 hours ago by zhena
Let's Just Forget the Hollywood Rules by tearupthesky
Buzzfeed Unsolved, Ryan/Shane. Ryan wanders off in the woods for a wee; something chomps his ankle.
Ryan rolls his chair closer to Shane. "Did you hear that, man?" he says under his breath. "That dog hates me, did you hear it growl at me? It almost took my fucking hand off! It could smell the curse. It recognized me with its primordial wolf senses."
"It's a fucking labradoodle," Shane says.
// 3.5K. Shane POV. Hee.
fanfic  BuzzfeedUnsolved  RPS  slash  pair:RyanBergara/ShaneMadej  yuletide  yuletide2017  ref:humor  ref:werewolf  au:tearupthesky  fandom:Buzzfeed 
3 hours ago by zhena
let's raise a glass, here's to you
(586): friends are allowed to bang on New Years, I read it on the Internet somewhere.
fic  rpf  hockey  clune/leipsic  slash  firsttime  beyond_belief  richclune  brendanleipsic  2015  <005k  undertheinfluence 
11 hours ago by wolfgrin
no escape - WattStalf - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
Shota has, and always will be, surrounded by people far louder and brighter than he prefers, but by this point, there's no escape.

Aizawa Shouta/Yagi Toshinori/Yamada Hizashi/Fukukado Emi
fic  f:BNHA  het  slash  poly  AU  Sedoretu  s:unspecified  short  'ao3 
12 hours ago by esther_a
Fool For Sacrifice - girlbookwrm - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
LOL THE TAGS AND SUMMARY FOR THIS FIC SOUND LIKE SOMEONE TOOK ALL OF MEME'S IDEAL MCU TROPES AND TRANSLATED THEM INTO TUMBLRESE DDD: // Barnes Family OCs, All The Avengers You Know Who They Are, Terry Gross, no actually literally terry gross i wouldn't lie to you about this, blatant self-insert cameo i ain't even shy about it and feel no shame, Peggy Carter, Nick Fury, Graphic Depictions of an Old Man Being Sad, Steve Needs to get Laid, But he won't, Steve Rogers and the 21st Century, Natasha Romanov Is a Good Bro, Sam Wilson Is a Good Bro, The Grand Canyon, pro tip if the grand canyon fills you with sadness you're probably a stucky shipper

Captain America is all about sacrifice. Property of the US Army, sure. Steve signed that contract. He’s willing to make sacrifices. He just didn’t think it would be like this.

AKA Cap’s Ode to Self-Destructive Tendencies.

Contents: One (1) Sadsack Steve Rogers: Bisexual Disaster. One (1) ex-Soviet Assassin who is Not Bucky Barnes and one (1) Smooth AF Veteran who is Also Not Bucky Barnes. They channel the slumbering, icy spirit of Bucky Barnes by shouting “STEVE NO” a lot, and Steve continues to cause heart palpitations through strategic use of biceps and the phrase “STEVE YES.”
fandom:avengers  pairing:steve/bucky  slash  WIP 
12 hours ago by as_lld_again
Life After Death by Nanoochka
Four days ago, Steve learned the taste of his best friend’s mouth for the first time. His mother died the next afternoon.
fic  mcu  slash  captainamerica  steverogers  buckybarnes  steve/bucky 
13 hours ago by yasaman
nerdwegian: I've Seen You Here Before
Tony wobbles a little, suit clunking heavily on the floor, before he ejects himself and sits down by the table. "Huh," he says. "You know, in my fantasies, fuck-or-die situations are a lot sexier than this."
fic  avengers  marvel  slash  clint/coulson  sexpollen  smut  dubcon  pining  <10K 
15 hours ago by spatz
i think i missed you (before i met you)
five times dylan kissed connor when he didn't expect it, and once when connor kissed dylan and he didn't expect it.
fic  rpf  hockey  erieotters  dylan/connor  slash  megeggsalad  connormcdavid  dylanstrome  2017  <005k  fivethings 
15 hours ago by wolfgrin
i hope we stay thick as thieves
Connor McDavid and Dylan Strome are going to the Toronto Maple Leafs together. Even if they have to get married about it.
fic  rpf  hockey  erieotters  dylan/connor  au  slash  electrumqueen  marriageofconvenience  fakedating  connormcdavid  dylanstrome  2015  <010k 
16 hours ago by wolfgrin
Might as Well Fall by middlecyclone
Buzzfeed Unsolved, Ryan/Shane. "'I don’t trust this house,' Ryan says. 'Something is really, really wrong here.'" // 4.7K. Oh, I remember reading this one before during a yuletide binge. Shane getting demon possessed is evidently a thing.
fanfic  BuzzfeedUnsolved  RPS  slash  pair:RyanBergara/ShaneMadej  yuletide  yuletide2017  ref:possession  ref:horror  ref:humor  ref:dubcon  via:as_lld_again  au:middlecyclone  fandom:Buzzfeed 
20 hours ago by zhena
Processing by manic_intent
Deadpool, Wade/Nathan. “You know, time travel stories are seriously lame,” Wade said, as he lay on the couch. “It all goes down to ‘if you can go back in time, why don’t you kill Hitler?’ which is a polarising way to look at it. No wonder it pissed off test audiences.” // 3K. Holy shit, is one of my ships getting canonish? I should see this movie...
fanfic  Cable-and-Deadpool  slash  pair:Cable/Deadpool  pair:WadeWilson/NathanSummers  via:shadowkeeper  au:manic_intent  fandom:Cable&Deadpool 
22 hours ago by zhena
I’m Gonna Keep You in Love with Me (for a While) by beethechange
Buzzfeed Unsolved, Ryan/Shane. Accidentally drunk married in Vegas! And posted on Instagram, of course. But Shane has a plan.
"Okay," Shane says finally. "Okay. Here's what we're going to do. We're just going to— we're going to be married. The only way out is through."
"Um," Ryan says, because this plan strikes him as counterproductive to their shared goal of not being married.
// 22K, Ryan POV. Really fun, excellent example of the genre with a cute epilogue.
fanfic  BuzzfeedUnsolved  RPS  slash  pair:RyanBergara/ShaneMadej  ref:accidental-marriage  ref:pretendcouple  ref:humor  ref:first-time  ref:pining  ref:bffs-to-lovers  via:as_lld_again  au:beethechange  fandom:Buzzfeed 
22 hours ago by zhena
I Love Your Bones by thewindupbird
Buzzfeed Unsolved, Ryan/Shane (series). After Ryan gets legit panicked in a haunted house, they wind up swapping couches, later moving on to beds, later moving on to sleeping together. // 32K, three fics, readable, featuring lots of feelings and angst and awkward dancing around each other. WNGWJLEO fic, tho the underlying assumptions have shifted from classic olde-skool "we're straight dammit" to a more ambivalent "but what are we really? what is anybody?" sort of millennial stew. Au also draws weird distinction between sex and 'real sex.' [Followup fic, Maelstrom (40K), is A+++ soporific.]
fanfic  BuzzfeedUnsolved  RPS  slash  pair:RyanBergara/ShaneMadej  ref:molasses  ref:UST  ref:angst  ref:H/C  ref:first-time  ref:WNGWJLEO  au:thewindupbird  fandom:Buzzfeed 
yesterday by zhena
Just A Little Advice - KuriKuri - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
u like that song? i’m p sure i’m going to tear my hair out if i have to hear it 1 more time.

Hizashi frowns at the text for a moment, before his phone buzzes with another message.

also i think u have the wrong #.
fic  f:BNHA  slash  s:Aizawa/Hizashi  identityporn  pre-canon  getting-together  'ao3 
yesterday by esther_a
[Avengers] Wave function collapse by malfaisant
Hey, Captain America, remember me? Tony can start, with all the brass and bravado he can muster. Iron Man, y’know, we used to save the world together?
fanfiction  slash  avengers  mcu  steve/tony 
yesterday by sineala
take it from day to day
Mitch's week starts with a two-inch-high stack of papers and a really pissed-off Dylan Strome. Seriously, Mondays.
fic  rpf  hockey  au  fusion  westwing  mitch/dylan  slash  firsttime  somehowunbroken  mitchmarner  dylanstrome  2017  <030k 
yesterday by wolfgrin
An Arrow to a Bundle - PitViperOfDoom - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
In which Todoroki Enji tries to screw around with Shouto's life (again), but fails to account for the fact that his son's boyfriend has both backup and determination to spare.
fic  f:BNHA  slash  s:Izuku/Shouto  AU  AU:modern_day/real_world  established_relationship  humor  'ao3  id:PitViperOfDoom 
yesterday by esther_a
Prince Charming and the Ugly Duckling - KuriKuri - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
“Hizashi?” Shōta asks, and Hizashi realizes he’s gawking.

“Shōta!” Hizashi squawks, his cheeks heating. “Wow, you, uh. Changed. A bit. I think.”

“Oh,” Shōta replies, blinking at Hizashi, a look of mild surprise on his face. “Yeah, I think I grew a few centimeters. I’m probably about as tall as you now.”

That’s not what I meant, Hizashi thinks, but doesn’t say aloud.

(Or: Shōta gets hot over break.)
fic  f:BNHA  slash  s:Aizawa/Hizashi  pre-canon  getting-together  short  'ao3 
yesterday by esther_a

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