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Radiant Cooling | Department of Energy
Brief article from US Dept of Energy about radiant cooling (ie hydronic cooling of slab or radiators). Potential problem is condensation.
radiant  cooling  hydronic  slab 
6 weeks ago by pciszewski
Live-Edge Table Part 1 - How To Flatten a Slab with a Router / Infinity Cutting Tools Blog
Infinity Cutting Tools is a leading producer and distributor of the world's finest woodworking tools and accessories. Specializing in the engineering and manufacture of top-of-the-line router bits, shaper cutters, table saw blades, and bandsaw blades, Infinity Cutting Tools commitment to producing the high quality woodworking tools is second only to our quality of service.
woodworking  diy  planing  slab  wood  flat 
may 2018 by EyePulp
CTS Slabs
interesting honeycomb design here, with huge area brazed tube welds, and rockwool stuffing for insulation
china  broad  group  core  tube  slab  honeycomb  brazed  welding  steel  metal  rockwool  rock  wool  basalt  fiber 
february 2018 by asteroza

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