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easy recording and audio file management
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10 days ago by shinobiken
Skype Calls
marsprince - Bruno/Boots, G --- 2,536

Boots is in California, while Bruno is in Toronto. Distance makes things a little hard, but they manage. They always have.
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14 days ago by we.are.golden
Skype Bot with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Sentiment Analysis
Natural-language processing (NLP) is an area of computer science and artificial intelligence concerned with the interactions between computers and human (natural) languages, in particular how to…
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24 days ago by gilberto5757
Microsoft Teams: Its features, how it compares to Slack and other rivals | ITworld
Microsoft's latest entry in the crowded group messaging market continues to evolve. Here's how Microsoft Teams affects Skype for Business and what you need to know to evaluate it against its rivals.
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6 weeks ago by gilberto5757
can't receive incoming calls through Skype Windows 10 - Microsoft Community
1) The skype installation in question was the abomination served up by the Windows 10 App Store.

2) It was possible to dial out using this version of skype to an external recipient who was running an earlier version.

3) Once the connection was established, all was normal - it was possible to video conference and share desktops as well as system sound.

4) When the call ended and the recipient then dialled the original caller back, no announcement appeared on the original caller's Win10 platform to tell them an incoming call was happening.

5) From the recipient's standpoint, when they made the call although Skype reported "dialling" with the 3 dots animation, no ringing sound effect was heard - it was as if the connection was being blocked.

6) When the recipient gave up and aborted the call, the original caller on Win10 then received a missed-call notification.

7) Quiet hours was off and a firewall rule for incoming skype was determined to exist.

And now the solution :

In Windows 10, there are now MANY locations where applications are granted access to various things such as contacts, mail, notifications, etc. This is all contained in the settings section which you can access from your start menu (right-click start, then click settings). In the case of the original caller, they were using a brand new installed version of Windows 10 on a new modern laptop which had just finished its round of updates to the latest version of Windows 10. During this process, some settings were either not properly configured, or reset to "off". These are:

a) Settings\system\multitasking. All were off. Turn to on.

b) Privacy\Camera. All were off. Turn to on (Skype requires camera access).

c) Privacy\Microphone. All were off. Turn to on, and ensure Skype at least can access the mic).

d) Privacy\Notifications. This was off. Turn to on.

e) Privacy\Account info. This was off. Turn to on. (Skype wasn't present in this list, but I had a suspicion it might depend on account-access without declaring it).

f) Privacy\Calendar. This was off. Turn to on. (Skype wasn't on this list either, just "people" and "windows". Turn both to on - there's a possibility Skype might depend on these too).

g) Privacy\Call History. This was off. Turn to on. (Skype also not on this list, but messaging and people were. Turn both to on - Skype is also very likely to need this).

h) Privacy\Email. This was off. Turn to on. (Skype not on this list either, but "people" was, so turn it on. Skype probably taps into this through some convoluted means).

i) Privacy\Tasks. This was off. Turn to on. (No apps were on this page at all, but again turning it on is likely to be a requirement for a poorly design app that doesn't bother telling you what it actually needs despite forcing you into installing it after deprecating the only version that was any good! ... version 7, if you're interested).

j) Privacy\Messaging. This was off. Turn to on. (Another page without specific apps listed).

k) Privacy\Background Apps. This was off. Turn all to on. (Special phone settings to avoid background processing going on and ruining your day by draining the battery have NO PLACE in a desktop or laptop windows environment! If I wanted a Windows Phone I'd flipping well buy one!)

l) Quit Skype and restart it.

At this point, I was relieved to note that incoming calls were being received by the original caller (my mum), triggered by the recipient (me).
6 weeks ago by kuiskata
Fixing the missing Skype Meeting Add-in for Outlook – Rune's blog about things I see and UC
What works in the end, and is covered in other blog posts, is this:

Run Outlook as administrator (no need to set up a new account/mailbox if your logged-in user is not local admin)
Navigate to File -> Options -> Add-Ins -> COM Add-ins. Now simply remove the Skype Meeting Add-in from the list.
Re-add the Meeting Add-in from the same menu. Path to the add-in is dependant on your Office version. The add-in itself is named UcAddin.dll
If you are running x86 version then the path is %programfiles(x86)%\Microsoft Office\Office 16 for Outlook 2016 or
[..]\Office 15 for Outlook 2013
If your are running x64 version the path is
%programfiles%\Microsoft Office\Office 16 for Outlook 2016 or
[..]\Office 15 for Outlook 2013
This may differ if you are running Click-to-run Office version
Now close Outlook and restart in your regular user context.
Add-in should be available again.
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7 weeks ago by yarngeek
Skype, Interrupted – Om on Tech
The company hasn’t updated the number of Skype users since 2016, when it put the total at 300 million. Some analysts suspect the numbers are flat at best, and two former employees describe a general sense of panic that they’re actually falling. The ex-Microsofters, who requested anonymity to discuss confidential statistics, say that as late as 2017 they never heard a figure higher than 300 million discussed internally.
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8 weeks ago by dancall

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