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Gooseberries in the gloaming
There are many beautifully poetic names for dusk and twilight – evenglome, dimmet, the gloaming, simmer dim in Scotland, the dimpsy in Devon.Dusk is also more complicated than you might think, and it has three stages. Civil twilight is the time between sunset and the moment that the sun reaches 6 degrees below the horizon. When 6 degrees is reached (civil dusk), civil authorities traditionally switched on street lighting. Nautical twilight is the spell when the sun is between 6 and 12 degrees below the horizon, and is the time when both the horizon and the principal navigational stars can be seen, so allowing the use of a sextant for navigation. Astronomical twilight is the period when the sun is between 12 and 18 degrees below the horizon: there is still a little light in the sky, and many of the brighter stars can be seen. From 23rd May until 21st July in London, astronomical twilight lasts all night. The same is true for Glasgow from 5th May until 8th August, except for the spell between 2nd June and 10th July, when the even lighter nautical twilight lasts all night.
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Tarragona • Sábado 21 de mayo 2019 • 21:28 🌕 .
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Sky Talk Shield
Sky's implementation of white/blacklisting for incoming calls on their telephony service
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5 weeks ago by crgmrgn
RT : What means for . Very interesting point of view at
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Keynote: Enhancing the Viewer Experience with Machine Learning: GrayM…
You can find out more about the use of #AI in the Sky Royal Wedding Who's Who app in this presentation #BJTC19
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5 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
GrayMeta Metadata Powering Sky News Royal Wedding Who’s Who’ App - GrayMeta®
Utilizing the latest machine learning technologies to create insightful metadata of identified guests as they arrive at the event, the GrayMeta Platform will use Amazon Rekognition video and image analysis services for real-time identification of Royal Wedding guests and tag them with related biographical information. “The Who’s Who app will provide viewers with an unprecedented experience which will enable them to participate as the event unfolds,” says John Motz, Chief Technology Officer at GrayMeta. “By harnessing the power of automated metadata creation, this experience exemplifies the future of how content will be viewed across platforms and technologies.”
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5 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
Favorite: I never get tired of the blue sky, by petrapetruta
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5 weeks ago by pauljacobson
Ineos arrival casts environmental cloud over Team Sky |
Former Ocean Rescue campaigners welcome controversial large-scale plastics producer
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