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Skoda Charting Its Own Electric Car Course In Czech Republic Using VW MEB Chassis | CleanTechnica
Volkswagen is busy converting its factory in Zwickau, Germany, to a manufacturing facility for electric cars. That’s where the range of vehicles it plans to build using its new MEB platform will be built. But Skoda, which is part of the Volkswagen Group, plans to build its own cars based on that chassis in the Czech Republic, where they will get a healthy dollop of Czech seasoning baked in.
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24 days ago by fbotha
Škoda Simply Clever: Modely Kamiq a Scala dostanou trychtýř nádobky ostřikovačů
Jistě všichni dobře vzpomínáte na ohromnou kauzu, kterou bylo zavedení škrabky do víčka nádrže u nových modelů Škoda. Právě s touhle vychytávkou vešlo v široké povědomí takzvané „Simply clever“. Tímto označením – v překladu „prostě chytré“ – označuje Škoda šikovné a účelné prvky ve svých vozech. A nyní přidává další.
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4 weeks ago by andreok
Screw M8x22 Škoda N91203202
"Bolt for the door limiter, door hinge."
skoda  car_part 
january 2019 by niksilver
Škoda Auto Splits Its Global Creative Account Between OPTIMIST and WPP’s thjnk | AgencySpy
The brand, which is part of Volkswagen, chose L.A.-based OPTIMIST and thjnk, a Hamburg shop that got scooped up by WPP just over a year ago, after a competitive review.
skoda  agency 
november 2018 by automotive
Skoda Kodiaq Forum - Forum for all Skoda Kodiaq Owners
Welcome to the Skoda Kodiaq Forum. Welcome to the Skoda Kodiaq Forum. Our forums are free to join and will grow to cover a wealth of information about the new Kodiaq SUV from Skoda.

Our Skoda Kodiaq Forum has the latest news, pictures and reviews.
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october 2018 by GerdKempf

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