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Addressing “Soft Skills” Gaps with Adaptive Learning
Despite the billions of dollars spent on talent development every year, hiring managers in a recent survey revealed that their employees had persistent gaps in “soft skills,” including communications, business acumen, and customer service. According to the Career Advisory Board’s 2018 Talent Activation, Employee Experience and Skills Development survey, these gaps are not being sufficiently addressed even as employers seek to develop a more highly engaged workforce.

In other words, their “talent activation” efforts are falling short where soft skills are concerned. Specific gaps identified in the research include:

Technology and digital fluency (62%)
Communication (56%)
Business acumen (48%)
Diversity and cultural awareness (46%)
Customer service (42%)
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. recently published its annual Top Skills list. ’s examines businesse…
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UA Interim Survey Report_Final-20181119.pdf
This survey, led by researcher/academic, Dr Pamela Abbott


from the Information School, University

of Sheffie

ld, UK,

forms part of these workshops by capturing a landscape view of librarians’ roles in

managing/operating Open Access repositories in the particular region of interest. The results of these

surveys and the discussions emerging from the workshops will,


form the basis for a


of key policy and capacity building actions and agreements on principles a...
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Powerpoint-drenched events are legacy. Why unconferences and white board sessions are the way forward
"Stale slide decks, boring panels and cheesy motivational speakers have obscured the essence of enterprise events: peers learning from peers. Here's six proven formats you can use to make your event more interactive - and indispensable."
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Regex Cross­word
> Welcome to the fantastic world of nerdy regex fun! Start playing by selecting one of the puzzle challenges below. There are a wide range of difficulties from beginner to expert.

Regular expressions have been invaluable over the years, and not just for coding. Any decent text editor will support regular expression searches and knowing even the basics can open up a world of time saving text manipulation.
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