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The part of Brexit everyone’s been avoiding is finally here: immigration | Gaby Hinsliff | Opinion | The Guardian
Brexit was never really about immigration.

Or so liberal leavers fall over themselves to claim, at least. They can’t bear the idea of being associated with a racist backlash and so they insist it was really all about sovereignty; that all those inflammatory posters of dark-skinned migrants queuing at European borders and the cynical scaremongering about Turkey didn’t really have any bearing on the result, and that all they really wanted was just a fairer and more open system in which people could come to Britain more easily from Commonwealth countries.

Even Nigel Farage sounded as if butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth on the radio this morning, insisting all he ever wanted was control of our borders and equal opportunities for Indians to come here just as Romanians once did.
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World Economic Forum – robots will take jobs, but upskilling will put humans ahead…if we do it properly

A major future of work report from the World Economic Forum puts skills investment top of the corporate and governmental agenda."
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So Good They Can't Ignore You | Hacker News
Absolutely aligned with some recent conversations. - My short synthesis/summary: Instead of trying to find a life passion, seek to master some valuable and useful skills. Leverage those skills to find work where you have more autonomy, control, and impact. This can help with personal fulfillment. If you are lucky enough to develop a sense of larger purpose that your work contributes to, then great! But seeking this directly might be a mistake. Meaning seems to emerges from other efforts -- pursuit of excellence, indulging in curiosity, solving real problems, connecting with others, and so on. I think this is a relatively practical and effective mindset, especially for many HNers.
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RT : will achieve -like >> 2026: write high-school essay >> 2029: produce creative video >> 2059: cond…
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From Brain Drain to Gain: The Benefits Arising from International Knowledge Networks by Silvia Montoya - NORRAG
In this NORRAG Highlights, Silvia Montoya, Director of the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS), looks at the impact of student mobility on research & development and innovation in G20 countries.
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