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Platishers, beware: Say Media gives up on publishing - Digiday
Three years ago, Jane Pratt celebrated the launch of her new site XoJane with Say Media by throwing a party at the Jane Hotel, a boutique hotel in the West…
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march 2015 by vanderwal is now retired.

We've moved the code up to github:

And if you need help finding something, drop us a note: github [at] saymedia [dot] com!

-- the team at SAY Media
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october 2012 by pne
How did WordPress win?
from a former SixApart PM. I'd put my money on "unambiguously free" (ie. OSS) which in turn drives the developer ecosystem, myself
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february 2011 by jm
How did WordPress win?
Byrne Reese, ex of Six Apart, on why WP has won out over Movable Type. A shame, but then I always start new blog projects in WP these days. (via Waxy)
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february 2011 by philgyford

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