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Ladies in Retirement - Wikipedia
The story unfolds in a shroud of slow, sickening dread, but as in all Ida Lupino films, characters are eminently human and interesting. Epitomizes Pluto's energy. Superb.
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october 2019 by csrollyson
Classmate Says Dayton Shooter Connor Betts Targeted Her in High School: ‘We Predicted He Would Do This’
Jessica Masseth was months into her sophomore year at Bellbrook High School in Ohio when she started getting disturbing text messages from a freshman named Connor Betts.

Betts texted that Masseth was on his “rape list,” describing in detail “what he wanted to do” to her, she said—even sending her the list of all of his proposed victims to prove she wasn’t the only one.

Finally, Masseth said she had enough and went to the police.

“I was not surprised at all when I heard his name on the news yesterday,” she said. “We predicted he would do this 10 years ago.”
Police said they do not have a motive for Betts’ deadly rampage, but Masseth, other classmates, and ex-girlfriends said he expressed violent attitudes going back a decade.
Police said Betts arrived in Dayton’s downtown entertainment district Saturday night in his father’s car with with his younger sister, Megan, and a male acquaintance. Betts fatally shot his sister and wounded the acquaintance, who survived, police said. The acquaintance is not suspected to have played a role in the attack, officials say.
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august 2019 by Quercki
About | Sister Scientist
Most women have some hair horror stories. Erica Douglas can definitely share a few. As a young girl, Erica experienced the trials and tribulations of caring for her kinky hair and battled with the social implications of having “Black hair” in a predominantly Caucasian world. Memories of five hour visits to the salon, burn marks from hot combs and holding chunks of burnt hair are just a few of many troubling hair stories that Erica often shares. However, Erica uses these stories as motivation to help the next generation of women bypass some of her experiences.
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july 2019 by rbarkman

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