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A Platform for the Decentralized AI Economy

The free and open market for AI technologies, built on smart contracts. Create, combine and monetize AI technologies at scale.
ai  blockchain  economy  singularity 
8 days ago by hellsten
The free and open market for AI technologies, built on smart contracts. Create, combine and monetize AI technologies at scale.
AI  blockchain  economy  platform  singularity 
8 days ago by dandv
The Brain vs. Deep Learning vs. Singularity
The Brain vs Deep Learning Part I: Computational Complexity — Or Why the Singularity Is Nowhere Near
ai  neuroscience  singularity 
14 days ago by gregory31415
Know Thy Futurist | Boston Review
Have you heard? Someday we will live in a perfect society ruled by an omnipotent artificial intelligence, provably and utterly beneficial to mankind.

That is, if we don’t all die once the machines gain consciousness, take over, and kill us.
science  future  artificial.intelligence  singularity 
18 days ago by mookieproof
The limitations of deep learning
A very technical article, but this point is important from an expert. Worth keeping in mind when people think we're farther than we really are.

One very real risk with contemporary AI is that of misinterpreting what deep learning models do, and overestimating their abilities. A fundamental feature of the human mind is our "theory of mind", our tendency to project intentions, beliefs and knowledge on the things around us. Drawing a smiley face on a rock suddenly makes it "happy"—in our minds. Applied to deep learning, this means that when we are able to somewhat successfully train a model to generate captions to describe pictures, for instance, we are led to believe that the model "understands" the contents of the pictures, as well as the captions it generates. We then proceed to be very surprised when any slight departure from the sort of images present in the training data causes the model to start generating completely absurd captions.

Humans are capable of far more than mapping immediate stimuli to immediate responses, like a deep net, or maybe an insect, would do. They maintain complex, abstract models of their current situation, of themselves, of other people, and can use these models to anticipate different possible futures and perform long-term planning.

This stands in sharp contrast with what deep nets do, which I would call "local generalization": the mapping from inputs to outputs performed by deep nets quickly stops making sense if new inputs differ even slightly from what they saw at training time.
ai  machinelearning  python  culture  singularity 
20 days ago by jefframnani
Paperclip maximizer - Lesswrongwiki
"The paperclip maximizer is the canonical thought experiment showing how an artificial general intelligence, even one designed competently and without malice, could ultimately destroy humanity."
ai  singularity  robots  threats 
25 days ago by darkwater
Resisting Reduction: A Manifesto
A well written treatise against the Singularity. I like it’s comparison with religion. Also mentions “Exponential Hangover” although it doesn’t use that term.

I like the author’s comparison to nature and self-regulating ecosystems.

The idea that we exist for the sake of progress, and that progress requires unconstrained and exponential growth, is the whip that lashes us. Modern companies are the natural product of this paradigm in a free-market capitalist system. Norbert Wiener called corporations “machines of flesh and blood” and automation “machines of metal.” The new species of Silicon Valley mega companies—the machines of bits—are developed and run in great part by people who believe in a new religion, Singularity. This new religion is not a fundamental change in the paradigm, but rather the natural evolution of the worship of exponential growth applied to modern computation and science. The asymptote of the exponential growth of computational power is artificial intelligence.

Whether you are on an S-curve or a bell curve, the beginning of the slope looks a lot like an exponential curve. An exponential curve to systems dynamics people shows self-reinforcement, i.e., a positive feedback curve without limits. Maybe this is what excites Singularitarians and scares systems people. Most people outside the singularity bubble believe in S-curves, namely that nature adapts and self-regulates and that even pandemics will run their course.

In order to effectively respond to the significant scientific challenges of our times, I believe we must view the world as many interconnected, complex, self-adaptive systems across scales and dimensions that are unknowable and largely inseparable from the observer and the designer. In other words, we are participants in multiple evolutionary systems with different fitness landscapes at different scales, from our microbes to our individual identities to society and our species. Individuals themselves are systems composed of systems of systems, such as the cells in our bodies that behave more like system-level designers than we do.
singularity  technology  culture  religion  philosophy  SiliconValley 
27 days ago by jefframnani

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