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The right-wing politics of the “Singularity” |
Silicon Valley is not a place known for its religiosity, yet a remarkable number of tech leaders and workers have an irrational belief in the Singularity.
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7 days ago by therourke
Maneki Neko - Lightspeed Magazine
and now for the light version of the singularity...
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21 days ago by asteroza
The Gig Economy – Zero HP Lovecraft
Well, that's an unexpected turn for a singularity...
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21 days ago by asteroza
Shtetl-Optimized » Blog Archive » Your yearly dose of is-the-universe-a-simulation
Sabine goes further, and says that the simulation hypothesis is almost ruled out.
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4 weeks ago by soobrosa
lingusitic niuances are mind blowing is (almost) here
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5 weeks ago by ampressman
RT : I saw trending with nearly 2 million tweets and thought "Oh my God. It's happening. The bots are all t…
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5 weeks ago by Resseguie
Superintelligence: Fears, Promises and Potentials
Of course, neither of these two things is in itself particularly essential for understanding the universe, or AGI, or humanity. But they do indicate what – as I read through Yudkowsky’s book – I came to see as a peculiar and systematic shortcoming in his generally polymathic perspective.

Yudkowsky isn’t terribly curious about his liver or the general internal functioning of his own body. He also, as he states explicitly in his book, lacks social curiosity.
singularity  ai  yudkowsky  bostrom  technology 
6 weeks ago by imaginaryfriend
The (Smart) Drugs Don't Work – Yet | Alan Glynn
Again, maybe everything will work out. Maybe utopia is just around the corner – Ray Kurzweil pegs 2045 as the year we will multiply our intelligence a billionfold by linking wirelessly from our brains to a synthetic neocortex in the cloud.

O-kay . . .

But, to borrow a much-used phrase of my mother’s, it’s not you I’m worried about, Ray, it’s human nature. Because if there’s any way to mess this thing up, odds are that we’ll find it – which is at least a process you can depend on to be interesting.
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7 weeks ago by imaginaryfriend

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