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Hunter Stires on Twitter: "Destroyed in the fires of Cavite was the bulk of the Asiatic Fleet's torpedo stores--the main weapon with which its submarines hoped to repel the Japanese amphibious expeditions underway for Luzon. This loss proved a handicap fo
Interesting thought: the air-and-subs plan was very similar to the eventual plan for Malaya. neither were executed (from the UK side, because the forces were tied up fighting Germany and Italy, from the US side, because Dugout Doug dropped the ball). but submarines were effective!
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2 days ago by yorksranter
'Colourise your black and white photos - A deep learning colouriser prototype specifically for old Singaporean photos.'
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5 days ago by jm
6Estates bags funding from GDP Ventures, others
6Estates wants to further develop its proprietary cognitive data intelligence solutions.
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9 days ago by JINYONG86
Intelligent “Island”: Smart Nation and its Liquid Futures
what does the Smart Nation mean for the workers, sourced largely from the region, whose lives are made vulnerable by transnational capitalism and for whom data is often missing, falsified, or withheld?
12 days ago by tonyyet
Singapore architecuture: Photos of Moshe Safdie's most iconic buildings | CNN Travel
View photos of iconic Singapore architecture designed by Moshe Safdie.
14 days ago by jbfink

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