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The Llama Park | 600 Followers Gift It’s actually been a while...
makeover lot of the Curiouses’ house (I’ve actually rebuilt it from scratch to prevent dangling character information). Some rooms are fully furbished, some partially and some don’t have any decorative items. Obviously, the Curious family wouldn’t have enough funds for the makeover lot but you can either: delete TVs, computers and some expensive stuff until the family can afford it or use money cheat if you wish to. To see more photos - click here. CCs are included - please use Clean Installer!
A remake of the Mashuga family in TS2. They are CC free of course
sims2  lots  houses  sims  tobegot 
5 days ago by timberwolfoz
Moschino Is Releasing A Sims-Inspired Fashion Line And WTF At These Photos
The Sims 4 is collaborating with fashion giant Moschino for a line of Sims-inspired IRL clothing, and the photos they released for it are bugging me out.
gaming  fashion  clothing  sims 
9 days ago by krannon
Model Metropolis
Forrester thought that the basic problem of urban planning—and making social policy in general—was that “the human mind is not adapted to interpreting how social systems behave.”

Expert knowledge, of course, has an important place in democratic deliberation, but it can also cut people out of the policy process, dampen the urgency of moral claims, and program a sense of powerlessness into our public discourse. Appeals to a social system’s “complexity” and the potential for “perverse outcomes” can be enough to sink transformative social programs that are still on the drawing board. This might not matter in the context of a virtual environment like that of  Urban Dynamics or SimCity, but we have decades of real-world evidence that demonstrates the disastrous costs of the “counterintuitive” anti-welfare agenda. Straightforward solutions to poverty and economic misery—redistribution and  the provision of public services—have both empirical backing and moral force. Maybe it’s time we start listening to our intuition again.
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8 weeks ago by arthrfrts
Home - eSim Games
Developer of Steel Beast, a Tank Sim
"Steel  Beasts"  Tanks  Sims  Sim 
january 2019 by clmccomas
Forums -
User forums for the Steel Beast Tank Sim
"Steel  Beast"  Tank  sims 
january 2019 by clmccomas
Dogs Of War Vu
Virtual Unit for playing PC games
Gaming  "Steel  Beast"  Sims 
january 2019 by clmccomas

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