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ZenPen ~ Minimal Distraction, Maximum Zen
Zenpen - A minimal text editor, made to stay out of the way while you get the words down.
tools  toolstouse  minimal  minimalist  simple  texteditor  writingtools 
14 hours ago by tribbles — Distraction-free blogging and writing platform
Simple writing platform built to preserve and spread your words. Start writing and publishing now — no signup required.
tools  minimal  minimalist  simple  blogging  publish  text 
14 hours ago by tribbles
Online Hearing Test & Audiogram Printout
The most accurate hearing test on the web. Fast, reliable, independent, online, and free.
hearing  test  online  matt  lando  simple  hand  rubbing  calibration 
2 days ago by davedmiller
ModernistLook MAX II Upgraded – 15.6″ Anti-Theft, Water Resistant, Travel Backpack - Modernist Look
Carry your essentials comfortably and stay on trend with the Modernist Max Smart Backpack perfect for everyday wear and travel. You will never be out of touch thanks to USB charging functionality and you will never have to worry about your belongings thanks to water repellant material that will wick away moisture in case you are caught out in inclement weather. Hidden zipper closures and secret pockets will store items safely while travelling.
luggage  backpack  travel  simple 
12 days ago by textmill

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