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Breaking Down Silos in your Business
"Breaking up your enterprise wide deployed integration hub into right sized containers provides improved agility, scalability, and resilience. Agility, because many teams can work on integrations without having to defer to a centralised integration team. Scalability, because individual flows can be scaled on their own. Resilience, because isolated flows cannot steal shared resources such as CPU from one to another."
cloud  integration  agile  development  thinking  api  economy  app  modernisation  breaking  down  silos  microservices  multicloud 
9 weeks ago by jonerp
The Value is in Dealing with the Messy Stuff – Subbu’s Blog
Over the last several years, I have had the opportunity to lead a few projects that were too large for any single team to execute. I also dealt with problems that did not fit to the existing team and…
data  silos  problem  advocacy  advantage 
january 2019 by gilberto5757
SQL Server 2019 preview combines SQL Server and Apache Spark to create a unified data platform - SQL Server Blog
Break down data silos and deliver one view across all of your data using data virtualization. Starting in SQL Server 2016, PolyBase has enabled you to run a T-SQL query inside SQL Server to pull data from your data lake and return it in a structured format—all without moving or copying the data. Now in SQL Server 2019, we’re expanding that concept of data virtualization to additional data sources, including Oracle, Teradata, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and others. Using the new PolyBase, yo...
Break  down  data  silos  and  deliver  one  view  across  all  of  your  using  virtualization.  Starting  in  SQL  Server  2016  PolyBase  has  enabled  you  to  run  a  T-SQL  query  inside  pull  from  lake  return  it  structured  format—all  without  moving  or  copying  the  data.  Now  2019  we’re  expanding  that  concept  virtualization  additional  sources  including  Oracle  Teradata  MongoDB  PostgreSQL  others.  new  can  easily  combine  many  avoid  time  effort  security  risks  duplicate  created  by  movement  replication.  elastically  scalable  “data  pools”  “compute  make  querying  virtualized  lighting  fast  caching  distributing  execution  instances  Server. 
november 2018 by jamrock
People and structure: the key to avoid hoarding content – GatherContent Blog
At some point, I think we can all say that we have experienced the institutional equivalent of hoarding. We all know people amass ‘useful’ things and keep them just in case.
content  strategy  digital  websites  silos  process  hoarding  institutions 
september 2018 by LizFlyntz

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