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To make the economy serve the needs of working families, they must be organized. It’s not enough to have a voice or a “place at the table.” Silicon Valley’s 99% need the organized ability to effectively advocate for their needs, in the face of corporate resistance. But despite obstacles, for its entire history Silicon Valley has been as much a cauldron of resistance and new strategies for labor and community organizing as it has been for the production of fabulous wealth. Workers have opposed inhuman conditions. Community organizations have fought for social justice and equality. They will keep on doing that.
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yesterday by beep
Four Days Trapped at Sea With Crypto's Nouveau Riche
This is the most unimaginative, boringly chauvinist take on techno-utopia I’ve ever been paid to have a terrible time at.
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3 days ago by mayonissen
Bay Area Disrupted: Fred Turner on Vimeo
"Interview with Fred Turner in his office at Stanford University.

Graphics: Magda Tu
Editing: Michael Krömer
Concept: Andreas Bick"
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It moved fast and broke things, now must rebuild trust.

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12 days ago by TomRaftery
The Complicated Legacy of Stewart Brand’s “Whole Earth Catalog” | The New Yorker
For weeks, all I had been able to feel for the future was grief. I pictured woolly mammoths roaming the charred landscape of Northern California and future archeologists discovering the remains of the ten-thousand-year clock in a swamp of nuclear waste. While antagonism between millennials and boomers is a Freudian trope, Brand’s generation will leave behind a frightening, if unintentional, inheritance. My generation, and those after us, are staring down a ravaged environment, eviscerated institutions, and the increasing erosion of democracy. In this context, the long-term view is as seductive as the apolitical, inward turn of the communards from the nineteen-sixties. What a luxury it is to be released from politics––to picture it all panning out.
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15 days ago by HalSF
Slow and Steady - mitochondriencocktail - Silicon Valley (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Richard isn't gay. Definitely not gay. He thinks. Until he might be, but he doesn't have time for that type of thing. He has an app to develop.
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