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Believe In the Everyday
As such things go, Sid is a pretty terrible witch. He went through the mandatory classes in elementary and middle school, had even attended the few electoral classes at Shattuck-St. Mary's, but it’s nothing that can help him with hockey, and he’s never seen the point.

But lately, his magic has been out of control, erratic and unpredictable, and he's starting to think he should have paid more attention. There's an old wives tale about what happens when at witch falls in love, but that-- that's not an option. He just has to get over it.
fic  au  hockey  rps  sidney/geno 
5 weeks ago by allieyy
 “I’ll pay. For whole night. How much you want? I pay.”

Sidney stares at him, his mouth gaping uselessly. After a few seconds, he finally manages to kickstart his brain again. “You want to pay me? To sleep with you? Geno, what the hell?”
fic  hockey  rps  sidney/geno 
december 2018 by allieyy
Hockey - To Be Seen Aright, by Deastar Geno/Sid
Dynamics AU, really good, really long, tugs on your heartstrings, good ending.
hockey  geno/sidney  sidney/geno  length:50k-  reallyfuckinggood  au:bdsm 
january 2018 by northern
hp au
In the Harry Potter crossover of my dreams where everyone knows about magic it is widely recognised that Phil Kessel is one of the worst wizards to ever be born. They thought he was a squib up until he was 17 and he accidentally froze over a lake, but by then he’d discovered hockey, and really, that’s a kind of magic on its own.
fic  au  hockey  sidney/geno  harry.potter  crossover 
november 2017 by allieyy
Sometimes Sid just hurts to look at.
fic  au  hockey  rps  sidney/geno 
july 2017 by allieyy
Magic at 3am
The guy was a lot cuter before he had vomited on Sid's feet.
fic  au  hockey  rps  sidney/geno 
july 2017 by allieyy
Wait A Bit
Tonight, they watched their jerseys rise up to the rafters, their numbers 87 and 71 never to be seen in Pittsburgh Gold on the ice again.

(Sid and Geno, and what comes after.)
fic  hockey  rps  sidney/geno 
july 2017 by allieyy
Trompe-Le Cœur (Trick of the Heart)
The air looks hazy, his fingers tingle, and there's a feeling like his heart flops over.




Oh, well that's new.
fic  au  hockey  rps  sidney/geno  soulmate 
july 2017 by allieyy
magic puck
This is the essence of magic, which does not create, but summons.
fic  au  hockey  rps  sidney/geno 
june 2017 by allieyy
don't call it a romance
have I told you about the fic idea where Geno takes all the penalties because Sid is one of the penalty box attendants?

“Fuuuck. Geno is going to spend most of this game in the box.”

“Huh? What, why?”

“Crosby’s an attendant tonight.”


fic  au  hockey  rps  sidney/geno 
may 2017 by allieyy
Five times Sidney rebelled, and one time he didn’t have to.
fic  au  hockey  rps  sidney/geno  crossover  star.trek 
may 2017 by allieyy
looking back
If you're still doing prompts can you do a sid/geno with a kid somewhere in there?
fic  au  hockey  rps  sidney/geno  kidfic 
may 2017 by allieyy
Headlong into the abyss
Fate steps in and gives Sidney the thing he wanted third most in the whole world (one doesn't just get gold medals and the Stanley Cup)
fic  au  hockey  rps  sidney/geno  soulmate 
april 2017 by allieyy
the prettiest thing (i've ever seen)
Dinnertime conversation at the Gonchars’ tends to circle back again and again to the same topics of conversation, usually thanks to Zhenya’s goddaughters.

Tonight it is, as it often is, all about Victoria's kindergarten teacher, Mr. Crosby. Out of whose ass sunshine and rainbows shine, apparently. Or at least that’s Zhenya’s fast and loose interpretation of things.
fic  au  hockey  rps  sidney/geno 
april 2017 by allieyy
as my habit
Oooh, your prompt!fics are amazing! Could I request Sid/Geno Cinderella AU please?
fic  au  hockey  rps  sidney/geno  crossover 
march 2017 by allieyy
emperor bettman
Sid/Geno star wars au. Sid as the diplomat who's leading the rebellion and Geno as the rugged and handsome pilot. Also, Emperor Bettman
fic  au  hockey  rps  sidney/geno  crossover  star.wars 
march 2017 by allieyy
Unusual sexual positions.
fic  hockey  rps  sidney/geno 
march 2017 by allieyy
colorado air
I haven’t felt like writing much lately, so here! Have this random fit of inspiration where Sid and Geno are Sid and Geno, and Carter Rowney is introduced to what Sid and Geno really are.
fic  hockey  rps  sidney/geno 
march 2017 by allieyy

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