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Neal was pretty sure he’d never been as sick as he was now.
WhiteCollar  Elizabeth/Neal/Peter  03-10  Threesome  Polyamory  HurtConfort  sickness  Author:sahiya 
12 weeks ago by LilyC
Brain Damage
"You jerk," Wilson sighed when House walked in and set a mug on Wilson's desk. Wilson was stretched out on his own couch. The nausea had ebbed slightly during the morning, but then he'd tried to eat a little oatmeal, and now it seemed in danger of flowing again.

"It's tea," House said. Wilson glanced up at him, and House looked away. "From Cameron."

"Yes, God forbid I think you care," Wilson said.
HouseMD  House/Wilson  03-10  Slash  CaseFic  EstablishedRelationship  sickness  Author:fourteencandles(thingsbaker) 
july 2018 by LilyC

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