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SiaStats is a free service providing real-time statistics about the Sia decentralized storage network, including storage pricing, marketplace stats, mining data and other blockchain metrics
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june 2018 by orlin
A Message to Nebulous and the Sia Community – Nick Hansen – Medium
A Message to Nebulous and the Sia Community

(Written by Eddie Wang and Nick Hansen on behalf of the signatories)
(Open Petition:

January 23, 2018
To: Nebulous Inc.
280 Congress St, Floor 12
Boston, MA, 02210
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january 2018 by vitaminq
Minebox GmbH
Minebox NAS is smart data storage box that connects to peer-to-peer cloud storage network powered and secured by a blockchain. Important files deserve a great storage and backup strategy to protect against unexpected hardware failure, natural disasters, accidental deletion or cyberattacks.
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july 2017 by fifigyuri

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