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Russia wants to cut itself off from the global internet. Here’s what that really means.
"In the next two weeks, Russia is planning to attempt something no other country has tried before. It’s going to test whether it can disconnect from the rest of the world electronically while keeping the internet running for its citizens. This means it will have to reroute all its data internally, rather than relying on servers abroad. The test is key to a proposed 'sovereign internet' law currently working its way through Russia’s government...Pulling an iron curtain down over the internet is a simple idea, but don’t be fooled: it’s a fiendishly difficult technical challenge to get right. It is also going to be very expensive. The project’s initial cost has been set at $38 million by Russia’s financial watchdog, but it’s likely to require far more funding than that...This coming test—no official date has been given— will show us whether the necessary preparation has been done. For the West, it’s important not to underestimate the Russian state’s will, or ability, to make sure it happens." - Charlotte Jee, MIT Technology Review

+ Meduza: Next month, Russia's parliament will vote again on sweeping ‘Internet isolation’ legislation. Here’s how one lawmaker justifies the initiative.

+ The Moscow Times: Russia is Censoring More Than Just the Internet
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Maduro's internet blackout stifles news of Venezuela crisis
"Although the Venezuelan government has sporadically interfered with the web since 2007, internet activists say that online censorship has increased dramatically since January, when Guaidó swore himself in and was recognized as the country's legitimate president by the U.S. and about 50 other countries. News websites and internet users often figure out techniques to evade government-imposed firewalls. Still, analysts told CPJ that censorship combined with poor infrastructure--including frequent blackouts and one of the slowest internet speeds on the continent--mean that it's getting harder for journalists to do their jobs and for Venezuelans to stay informed...

"In a report this month, the Caracas-based Institute for Press and Society (IPYS) said that so far this year, 25 websites have been blocked during events of public interest, such as last month's Venezuela aid concert on the Colombian side of the border and efforts by opposition leaders to move humanitarian supplies into the country. Blocked domains included widely read independent news websites such as Efecto Cocuyo, El Pitazo, and Caraota Digital, as well as YouTube and Instagram. 'Most websites with anything valuable to read get blocked,' [[Venezuela Inteligente director Andrés] Azpúrua] Azpúrua said. 'Live coverage of anything that is newsworthy is censored.'" - John Otis, Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ)
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Despots and Disruptions: Five Dimensions of Internet Shutdowns in Africa - @cipesaug
In 2019, so far, six countries in Africa have experienced internet shutdowns, contributing to a total of 22 countries experiencing internet disruptions in the past five years, according to a new report from the Collaboration on International ICT Policy for East and Southern Africa (CIPESA). Algeria, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo), Chad, Gabon, Sudan, and Zimbabwe are the six countries where internet blackouts have occurred in 2019 in response to "elections, protests against government policies, and, what seemed like a coup attempt [in Gabon]." CIPESA predicts that "with several nations set to conduct elections during the course of 2019, many more shutdowns could be witnessed."

In the report, CIPESA highlights five trends observed from their study of internet shutdowns in Africa; 1) authoritarian states are more likely to shut down the internet, 2) the longer the head of state holds power, the more likely a shutdown will occur; 3) internet disruptions are costly and cause economic losses even after access is restored; 4) shutdowns tend to occur during politically sensitive times, and with "at least 20 African states" due to hold elections in 2019, there could be plenty more on the horizon in the near term; and 5) the governments and ISPs responsible for shutdowns have been more transparent about ordering service disruptions.

For more, read the full report (pdf):
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The 5 Best Google+ Alternatives to Use Instead
Excellent list of 5 #google+ #alternatives and concise descriptions of each
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18 days ago by csrollyson
Improbably, a Black activist is now the owner and leader of the "National Socialist Movement," which he is turning into an anti-racist group / Boing Boing
The National Socialist Movement is one of America's oldest and most influential Holocaust denial/neo-Nazi movements, proprietors of one of the world's most prominent Holocaust denial websites and defendants in a case over members who participated in racist violence at the Charlottesville "Unite the Right" rally.

James Hart Stern is a Black civil rights activist who has previously -- through very unlikely circumstance -- become head of a prominent KKK organization, which he took over in order to dissolve it. Stern was able to do this because he became a confidant of former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard Edgar Ray Killen while they were cellmates, while Killen was imprisoned for murder and Stern was imprisoned for mail fraud. Killen ended up giving Stern power of attorney, which Stern used to take over the Klan and shut it down.

Jeff Schoep was the longterm president of the NSM, credited with reinvigorating it and growing it. He became acquainted with Stern through Stern's connection to Killen. He claims that he sought Stern's advice on his legal exposure from the Unite the Right suits, and that Killem convinced him that he should sign over control of the NSM to him in order to protect himself, and that Stern tricked him into signing over control.
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(509) Fox News keeps forcing Trump into shutdowns - YouTube
history that GOP Republicans forcing gov shutdowns, history tells, they shoot themselves in the foot.
right wing pundits have no incentive to compromise
pundits have only incentive to stay on air
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What Happens If Russia Cuts Itself Off From the Internet
For Wired, Louise Matsakis looks at how a self-imposed internet shutdown in Russia would actually play out, and why it's not quite as easy as simply flipping the off switch: "Cutting itself off would be an onerous task that could have myriad unintended consequences. If anything, the whole project illustrates just how entangled—and strong—the global internet has become...No matter how much Russia has prepared, however, unanticipated issues will almost certainly arise if it tries to dissever from the rest of the world...Even if disaster didn’t occur—like banking, hospital, or aviation entities failing to connect—many websites would likely stop working. Most web pages rely on multiple servers to function, which may exist in disparate parts of the world."
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5 weeks ago by dmcdev
How to get online if the internet or social media is blocked
For Quartz, Abdi Latif Dahir runs through some tips and tools that can help people stay online in the event that the internet is shut down in whole or in part - something that is happening with increasing frequency worldwide. From Zimbabwe to India and Venezuela to Cameroon, governments are increasingly relying on internet shutdowns as a way to suppress free speech and inhibit the free flow of information during politically contentious times, such as elections or during protests.

Abdi makes three general recommendations: 1. Keeping up on your 'digital hygiene' - "whether a blackout is imminent or not; 2. choosing effective, reliable circumvention tools - including some that have been supported by OTF, such as Tor, Tails, Lantern, and Briar; and 3. following the advice of experts in order to know what's happening during a shutdown event, and what can be done to mitigate its effects.
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