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Trying to Leave the Ground
It's funny, Grantaire thinks, what you can learn about a person through semi-regular sex. (Or, a relationship in flux.)
LesMiserables  Enjolras/Grantaire  03-10  Slash  smut  pwp  FuckBuddies  ShowerSex  Author:barricadeur 
november 2016 by LilyC
got bruises on my knees for you - jacksbits (fragilehuge)
“Oh, honey, you don’t have to do that,” Bitty says, automatically. “That has to be hell on your knees.” [3,118 words]
checkplease!  jack/bitty  fragilehuge  praisekink  kneeling  showersex 
june 2016 by cunningplan
Saren and Nihlus
1. Strange Happenings - As Spectres, Saren and Nihlus have had a lot of weird things happen. This one though, it takes the cake.
2. Running Hot
fanfiction  complete  series  read  masseffect  explicit  slash  het  pwp  ust  spacemagic  genderswap  romance  showersex  humour  fluff  Saren/Nihlus 
july 2015 by snipershezz
1. Acquired Taste - Shepard and Garrus try kissing, human style.
2. Distractions - Sleepy Commander Shepard just wants to catch a break, but a call from The Illusive Man interrupts her and Garrus.
3. Awkwardness Thing - Garrus witnesses Shepard cutting her hair and freaks out.
4. I Ate What? - Garrus wanted Shepard to cook something for him. In retrospect, maybe it wasn't such a good idea.
5. Post Blue - Shepard just wants Garrus to talk dirty to her during that date on the Presidium.
6. Oh Yeah!?! - Shepard and Garrus prove Jacob wrong when he claims that the Normandy is Shepard's true love.
fanfiction  complete  masseffect  series  read  explicit  het  kissing  awkwardness  humour  elevatorsex  showersex  publicsex  voicekink  Garrus/Fem!Shep  interspecies/xenophilia  seriescomplete 
july 2015 by snipershezz
Mine, an once upon a time fanfic | FanFiction
Killian corners Emma while she's in the shower and the two of them come to terms with their relationship. Based off tumblr prompt by shulesaddict77 who requested shower sex. This story is what the prequel story The Times is based off of. Originally posted on tumblr.
ouat  smut  showersex  emma_killian 
december 2013 by bekap
Liam/Niall - Shower!sex
Just a simple One Way Or Another music video inspired, Liam joining Niall in the shower after the camera stops rolling fic.

Pls Thx
Liam/Niall  ShowerSex  Unfilled 
march 2013 by 1Dkinkmeme
This is Not Our Fate (3/3)
Stiles wakes up in a barred cell with Derek. They’re forced into an arena like something Stiles saw in a movie once. It was the kind of movie where men fought to the death to amuse other men.
TeenWolf  Sterek  R  ShowerSex  Violence  BAMFStiles  Torture  DarkFic  Multi-Chapter  via:rosengirl 
february 2013 by talitha78
This is Not Our Fate (3/3)
Stiles wakes up in a barred cell with Derek. They’re forced into an arena like something Stiles saw in a movie once. It was the kind of movie where men fought to the death to amuse other men.
TeenWolf  Sterek  R  ShowerSex  Violence  BAMFStiles  Torture  DarkFic  Multi-Chapter 
february 2013 by rosengirl
Liam/Zayn (Zayn tops) - toys & bets
I don't know if there's already a prompt like this, but can I just have a Ziam where Liam lost a bet to Zayn, and as a punishment Zayn forced him to wear cockring/vibrator/nipple massager/the three of them during the day (which is, eventful with interviews, concerts, etc) and of course it had been a torture to Liam. Zayn finished him off when they got home though. (Zayn tops.)


Liam being left in a room four hours with the toys and tied up, as a punishment to losing a bet to Zayn. Ended with sex.

If that's not too much to ask.
Liam/Zayn  Sextoys  Betting  BottomLiam  ShowerSex  Fingering  Filled  Completed  Long  OrgasmDenial 
february 2013 by 1Dkinkmeme
harry/niall, shower sex
remember that one radio interview when niall basically admitted he saw harry showering? and harry made a "WHAT" face except i think he secretly he turned on?

well let's say harry can't stop thinking about it and afterwards he confronts niall, who admits he once stepped in the loo and saw harry showering ("just stands there, with his head hanging down") but didn't go back out too quick bc harry looked so pretty under the spray with his damp curls hanging all over his face.

cue the sweet, cuddly narry shower sex, with bottom!niall and top!harry. points if you go into detail about the way they look all wet in the shower. <3
Harry/Niall  ShowerSex  Unfilled 
february 2013 by 1Dkinkmeme
Louis/Harry | Warnings: underage, incest, non/dub-con, [maybe] underage drinking
I want a Harry and Louis fic that has the following things in it (it's quite a list, but these are my favorite kinks and having them all in one fic would be amazing)...

1. Agegap/underage (Harry 10-13, Louis 25ish)

2. Incest (brothers, step brothers, cousins, uncle/nephew, stepdad/stepson, etc) take your pick, any incest is fine.

3. Being caught (by someone who wouldn't break them up... maybe Harry's younger sibling or a stranger.. idk. or maybe Harry is caught by his mum having lovebites but Harry says it was a boy from school or something).

4. Babysitting (Lou does stuff to Haz while babystitting him).

5. Daddykink (Harry calling Lou daddy, and Lou calling Haz stuff like baby boy, my baby, etc)

6. Deepthroating off the edge of the bed... (This is something I enjoy doing with my boyfriend and I'm shocked to have never seen it in any fics: Haz laying on bed with head hanging off the end and Lou fucking his throat, basically. It makes it so it goes really smoothly without gagging.)

7. Non/dub-con during first time (during their first time doing actual sex, Harry is pretty scared and asks Lou if he will stop if it hurts too much, Louis says yes but when he does the first thrust, Harry literally SCREAMS and begs him to stop, cause it hurts so bad. Louis says "I'm sorry I can't" and keeps banging him super hard while Harry screams and cries and Louis is feels so guilty that he starts crying too but can't stop 'til he pullsout right before coming on Hazza's crying face).

8. Hurt/comfort: after the horrible first time, Lou comforts Harry (cuddling, apologizing, putting ointment on his butt, etc) til Haz forgives him.

9. Temperature-play (I've never seen this on here but it;s a big turn on for me. Getting caught in the cold rain or cold pool and then taking hot shower or hot bath and of course showersex.

10. Coming just from rubbing/humping (bonus points if, before they establish any sort of relationship, one of them gets off without the other knowing by rubbing against them in the pool [like while Louis is ca
Harry/Louis  AU  Underage  Incest  Non-Con  Dub-Con  Drinking  AgeGap  DaddyKink  DeepThroating  Hurt/Comfort  HurtHarry  ShowerSex  Grinding  Unfilled 
december 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Niall, shower fic, bottom!harry
Harry knows Niall sometimes watches him shower. This time he invites Niall to join him.

*based off of that one interview where Niall knew how Harry stood in the shower
Harry/Niall  ShowerSex  Unfilled  Voyeurism 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis - wall fucking
One of them (the choice is yours) is like...ridiculously turned on by wall sex.
That's basically it, go for it.
Bonus points if they're in the shower.
Harry/Louis  WallSex  ShowerSex  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
shower sex, plz, dom!liam i'll love you forever and ever and ever
Liam/Zayn  ShowerSex  Filled  Completed  UnprotectedSex  BottomZayn  Short 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Liam/Zayn Wet Dream
Liam and Zayn are sharing a hotel room for two nights on tour. The first night Zayn has a wet dream about Liam and Liam happens to wake up and hear Zayn moaning his name. The next night, Liam is determined to make Zayn's wet dream happen for real.
Liam/Zayn  WetDream  Filled  Completed  Long  ShowerSex  BottomZayn 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Niall/Harry Queer as Folk AU.
Harry as Brian and Niall as Justin in the Pilot episode. Harry is the experienced gay guy who knows what he wants. He's at the gay club with his friends and thinks tonight he's not gunna score, with anyone good looking at least, and then he sees Niall. Niall is the awkward 17 year old virgin who just recently found out he's gay and wants to prove if he's 100 percent. So he goes out looking for someone and Harry takes him home. Que awkward foreplay, then awkward yet hot first time and shower sex.
Harry/Niall  Firsttime  ShowerSex  Unfilled  AU 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Louis/Harry - watersports
Louis is helping drunk!Harry to bed after a night out. Harry needs to pee and Louis has to help him. Louis is turned on and freaked out by his reaction, but when Harry finds out about it he's accepting and willing to explore it with Louis. I'm blatantly prompting this so I can fill it myself - bc I tried to fill one of the other watersports prompts but somehow ended up with this instead ;) so it's already half written. but if anyone else wants to fill it, please do. We need more watersports in the fandom :D
Harry/Louis  Watersports  Filled  Completed  Long  ShowerSex  Drinking 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme

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