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Luxury bathrooms, Crosswater London | Crosswater Bathrooms
CROSSBOX features all of the benefits of our standard range of recessed valves with additional benefits for both the consumer and the installer.
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13 days ago by asaltydog
Raise Your Shower Head in 5 Minutes
(If it makes any difference, the brand of the “S” pipe in this tutorial is Universal.)

“So here’s the thing: whenever I move into a new apartment, the shower heads spit out water at approximately my neck. Sometimes shoulders, sometimes chin, but I always end up having to contort myself just to get my hair wet. For a while, I thought the only way to correct this extreme marginalization of the tall was to install one of those hose-y contraptions with a water wand so I could rinse my head. But after about ten minutes browsing through my hardware store’s shower head section, I found salvation in the form of an 11″ S pipe.

“It raises the shower head an additional six or seven inches, which is just enough to fit my noggin under the spray. I now do this for all the showers in all of the places where I am going to live for more than a few days. It takes less than five minutes and makes a noticeable difference when taking a shower. (Unless you are tiny, in which case you might not notice a difference beyond being unable to change the spray setting without a step ladder.) If you’re a little bit tall and a little bit handy, get out your crescent wrench and teflon tape ’cause we’re about to change some lives.”
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may 2018 by handcoding
CVN Vooner Paper Machinery
CVN Vooner's acquired heritage has been producing paper machinery since 1983. We are committed to growth and service to the paper industry family throughout the world, with dedication to a more profitable industry.
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february 2018 by gildenventures
Discover Smart Technology | Aqualisa Showers | Shop Parts & Accessories
Discover shower technology with Aqualisa! Our team of UK experts will help you in any way, from buying an amazing shower to finding the right spare parts. 
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february 2018 by asaltydog
Rude on Twitter: "Every time I'm in the shower my dog stares at me, worried, and he must assume I'm upset in here (because he hates baths) so he thinks if he…"
"Every time I'm in the shower my dog stares at me, worried, and he must assume I'm upset in here (because he hates baths) so he thinks if he drops his toy in that I'll feel better"
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january 2018 by handcoding

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