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'Rinse and Repeat' is a queer, indie game about sex, masculinity, and loneliness
Rinse and Repeat opens with the player standing in a communal shower, staring into a corner while other gym members bathe themselves just out of the periphery of your vision. Moving the cursor around reveals a simple locker room filled with lockers, a bulletin board, and a muscular, naked man wearing aviators. This man is the reason you're here. This game is about trying to seduce him.
robertyang  indiegame  game  shower  gym  homoerotic  realtime 
4 days ago by gohai
RT : From SING! The Talk & Stage Experience - DYK: 72% of Americans come up with new ideas in the ?…
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5 weeks ago by bjp2aol
frameless shower enclosures, doors
shower  glass  frameless  enclosure  product  wski 
11 weeks ago by Dexxx
RT : From SING! The Talk & Stage Experience - 72% of Americans come up with new ideas in the
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12 weeks ago by bjp2aol
Americh-bathtubs, shower bases, accessories
used Wright 6632 for Wski lower bathroom
tub  bathtub  shower  Wski 
july 2018 by Dexxx
RT : From SING! The Talk & Stage Experience - DYK: 72% of Americans come up with new ideas in the ?…
Shower  from twitter
july 2018 by bjp2aol

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