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VOLA -plumbing fixtures
HV1 bathroom faucet is nice, simple
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19 days ago by Dexxx
Wet, Warm, Glorious: I Tried The Atomizing Shower That Wooed Tim Cook
Instead of a normal shower, imagine standing up every morning inside of a storm cloud: The shower curtain bucking and bellowing in the wind; the air, hot and humid as a heavy mist envelopes you, washing away soapy suds. That’s what it’s like to use a Nebia, the shower system that’s won over the biggest names in tech without a single “smart” feature. No sensors, no Bluetooth, no Wi-Fi, but it feels goddamn glorious.
2017  Renovations  shower  bathroom  Gizmodo 
9 weeks ago by jmello
Some Incredible Products
When it comes to finding exceptional products for your home, Magazi Kitchens and Baths has what you need.
kitchens  baths  steam  shower  cabinets 
10 weeks ago by Adventure_Web

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