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My Travel Packing List Shortcut – Shawn Blanc
Design, tech, writing, and other creative matters.
travel  shortcuts  ios 
11 hours ago by bradbarrish
Keyboard shortcuts in Windows - Windows Help
A full list of keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10, including shortcuts for copy, paste, and more.
windows  keyboard  shortcuts  shortcut  Bookmarks_bar  cmd  keyboard-shortcuts  reference  AT  Blah 
18 hours ago by jccalhoun
Apple Music Wrapped: A Shortcut to Visualize Your Most Listened Songs, Artists, and Genres of the Year – MacStories
When Spotify was my music streaming service of choice, one of the features I really liked was its personalized Wrapped report generated at the end of the year. I've always been a fan of geeky annual reports and stats about the usage of any given web service – be it Spotify, Pocket, or Toggl. I appreciate a detailed look at 12 months of collected data to gain some insight into my habits and patterns.
I've always been annoyed by the lack of a similar feature in Apple Music; I'm surprised that Apple still hasn't added a native "Year in Review" option – a baffling omission given how the company is already collecting all of the necessary data points in the cloud. Official "Apple Music Wrapped" functionality would bolster the service's catalog of personalized features, providing users with a "reward" at the end of the year in the form of reports and playlists to help them rediscover what they listened to over the past year.
But Apple doesn't seem interested in adding this feature to Apple Music, so I decided to build my own using Shortcuts. The result is the most complex shortcut I've ever created comprising over 540 actions. It's not perfect due to the limitations of iOS and Shortcuts, but it's the closest I was able to come to replicating Spotify's excellent Wrapped feature.
music  shortcuts  siri  ios  music  visualization  top_ten 
2 days ago by rgl7194
Cronios –
Cronios is a full-featured shortcuts scheduler on iOS. Configure your shortcuts to run automatically in the background on the dates, times, ranges, and intervals you specify, without any interaction on your part!
ios  shortcuts  cron 
5 days ago by segfault
Apple Frames: A Shortcut for Framing Screenshots from Every Apple Device – MacStories
When I published my iPhone XS Frames shortcut two weeks ago, I noted that my goal was to eventually support screenshots and device templates from other Apple devices, starting with the Apple Watch and MacBook Pro. After two weeks spent rebuilding the shortcut and asking Silvia to prepare several more templates, I'm happy to re-introduce my shortcut as the new and improved Apple Frames – a comprehensive custom shortcut to frame screenshots taken on every Apple device. Well, at least most of the current ones that the company is still selling.
The underlying techniques used by this shortcut are still the same, so let's jump straight into what's changed from the original XS Frames one. The new Apple Frames shortcut can apply device frames to screenshots taken on the following devices:
iPhone 6 and 6 Plus
iPhone 7 and 7 Plus
iPhone 8 and 8 Plus
iPhone X
iPhone XS and XS Max
Apple Watch Series 4 (44mm model)
iPad Pro (12.9" model)
MacBook Pro (Retina, 13" model)
iMac (5K model)
For iOS devices, the shortcut supports both portrait and landscape orientations. As was the case with the original, this shortcut can either frame individual screenshots or groups of screenshots; if it's dealing with multiple screenshots at once (even from different devices), the shortcut will combine the framed versions into a single composite image.
screenshots  shortcuts  siri  iphone  watch  imac  MBP  ipad_pro 
5 days ago by rgl7194

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